New Shoes

I got my shoes – I ended up with Adidas Supernovas. They are very bouncy and best of all, they don’t squish my toes. I tried to explain to my sister how my Nikes make my feet feel – it’s like they are going OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH with every step. But sometimes its each individual toes going – ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch… you really need to hear me say that with my piggy toe wheeeee voice to get the full effect.

So of course I test them out. I did a slow warm up run – 3 kms down to Princes Park, met up with my friend, Simon, and we tried a 3 km tempo style run. We aimed for 6 mins/km and managed it in 17.25 (well Simon bolted at the end and did more like 17) which was good. Still kept a pretty even pace cos we knocked off around 5 seconds every 500 metres, so it was more like 5.50 pace. I thought I’d surely die for the last 500 metres but kept going… because I rock and I have new shoes. After stretching and bitching time, I ran home. All up around 9.5 kms.

That’s three days running in a row cos I’d forgotten I’d done a short run on the treadie at the gym on Tuesday. Rest day tomorrow, thank goodness. We’ve been training hard after our ‘oh my god, it’s five weeks to the Run for the Kids’ panic and definitely not keeping to the sensible only increasing 10% rule, but I’ve been pulling up fine and doing lots of stretching and walking, which I find a great recoverer (is that a word?). Tomorrow I think I’ll do a yoga session to get everything well stretched.

Oh yeah and the best part about my shoes – I got them from the outlet shop for $80. My ebay sales covered the cost and I have more money to collect. I think I’ll put the rest towards a visit to my favourite massage therapist. Plus I got another comment on my muscular calves – I’m starting to get paranoid. Maybe it’s not a compliment, maybe I have freak leg muscles!

I also got an upper body workout today. Our new housemate seems like a nice enough guy but there’s a connecting door between my room and his and my bed was right up against it. Because he’s a tradie, he gets up at some insane hour and wakes me. Plus I think his TV was on the other side of the door. So I blocked up all the gaps in the door and moved the furniture so my wardrobe is up against the door now. Hopefully I’ll sleep much better. I am so stupid. I tried to move my bookcase and it wouldn’t budge, then I looked down and realised I have over 40 ks of hand weights in the bottom shelves (and that’s on top of all the books and crap). I took them out and it moved much easier!

8 responses to “New Shoes

  1. Great news about the new shoes, they’ll be well and truly broken in for R4K (which by the way it sounds like you’ll blitz).

  2. $80! Bargain hunt!
    And I am in awe of your running prowess as always 🙂

  3. It’s alwasy fun to get new shoes! Congrats, don’t get too many blisters before they break in.


  4. Love the shoes and what a bargin. Yep, re moving bookcase, you are a dork! Mind you, we all are on ocassions eh? Have a great weekend.

  5. Woo hoo- new shoes! I love mine so much I have refused to wear the others at all- I know they feel like a jilted lover but I have moved on now and I think they should too!

  6. They look like great shoes. My old Nikes used to make my middle 3 toes go completely numb after 10mins on the treadmill. I passed them onto my daughter & they had the same effect on her too. I’m not fussed on buying another pair of Nikes again.

    You’ll have to post a picture of your calf muscles, flexed & unflexed and we’ll let you know if they’re freaky or not… the nicest possible way of course.

  7. Love the new shoes and your running! I feel your pain with the roommate. I used to go to sleep listening to music with headphones. That seems to help.

  8. Great looking shoes! Glad you bought ones that don’t hurt your toes now too.

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