I forgot to mention that I also went for a run last night. My friend Simon had entered the Sunset Series at the Tan so I went down to run with him. We parked on the other side of the tan track so we did a 2.5 km warm up run beforehand and 1.5 cool down back to the car, making it 12 km in total.

After Bathsheba’s comment on my last running post, I’ve set myself a challenge. I’m going to create a playlist for running with 20 brand new songs. So far I’ve got five. It’s hard to think of songs I like that I don’t already have, and I hate dance music.

I finally got paid a big chunk of my ebay money so I’m going to buy shoes today. Woohoo!

Edit: As Andrew and few others said in comments, adults can be just as annoying at the movies as kids. Well technically, it’s all adults. You can’t blame a two year old for acting like a two year old but you can blame the parent for putting them in the situation to begin with. It’s like the cinemas figure less and less people go to the movies, so they let anything go. They should realise that this is what keeps people away. Next time I’m going to consider running to the cinema down the street for choc tops then coming home to watch a downloaded copy of the movie in my own home.

The sex at the movies thing is so wrong. When they opened the new cinema at Melbourne Central, they have the halfpipe (I think that’s what it’s called) cinema with beanbags instead of seats. I grossed out because I thought people would have sex on them. My sister thought about that for a while and asked why I thought that. I have no idea and it made me realise I have this whole beanbags = sex thing going on in my brain. I’ve never even had sex on a beanbag (that I can remember) so I dunno where that came from.

I must now send this ebay stuff posted and shoes bought.


7 responses to “Running

  1. Have fun shopping Kathryn.

    So right about kids at movies. The only movies Josh sees are kiddies movies so they can all go nuts together. I would be too embarrased to take him to an adult session.

  2. your bloody valentine

    Hooray for eBay money and new shoes!

    Beanbags at cinemas, that’s just asking for trouble! Maybe you have that scene from Muriel’s Wedding in mind?

    Friday night was the first time I’d ever witnessed anything like that. I always thought any sexual act in the cinema was an urban myth! Now I know better …

  3. That beanbag’d have to be pretty well full up of beans, otherwise you’d just sort of get lost in there, wouldn’t you? LOL!

    Now i’m gonna have THAT image in my head all day…


  4. Hi Kathryn if you hate dance I recommend some punk or metal music for running tracks. They are nice and fast and help keep the motivation up I reckon! I still remember Rage Against the Machine helping me get up Heartbreak Hill in the city 2 surf!

  5. That’s so funny about the beanbags!
    My 3yo has never been to the movies and won;t be going until she can watch one at home without having to wander aorund every 10 minutes.
    BTW re your last post, I’ve seen your calves mate and they ARE very muscular. Sounds as though you are training really consistently for the R4TK. don’t compare yourself with last year, your life is completely different now. Balancing work and training is a huge challenge.

  6. Well done on another good run. I’d recommend some Sex Pistols – always make me go fast. Sex in a bean bag – sounds like hard work to me 🙂

  7. YAY for shopping and being able to buy stuff you need (and just want)!

    We have a cushion cinema in Darlinghurst (Govindas) and I never thought about the sex aspect. Most people just fall asleep LOL.

    Post your playlist…pretty please. I was doing one for my yoga last night but still getting some tracks together.

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