Good and Bad

I checked out the Converse outlet today – thanks Jaykay for the head’s up, I’d have never thought of going there cos I assumed it’s all Chuck Taylors and stuff. I tried the Grid Triumphs – I’d forgotten which ones you said but my sister said to get them cos they are triumphs – and also some pink ones. I did like the Triumphs.

Anyway I got two real ego strokes – first they had a chart to see which shoes were appropriate, eg. foot type etc. The runner types included ‘serious runner’. A serious runner does > 20 km per week. I’m a serious runner!

Then, when I ran a few laps of the shop to test out the shoes, my sister heard one of the sales folk say to the other ‘boy that girl has muscular legs’. And that’s in a sports shop!

After that, I checked out Nike again and saw the ugliest running shoes in existence. Leopard print and hot pink Nike Frees. OMG. You’d run fast in those, cos you sure as hell wouldn’t want anyone seeing you wear them.

After all that, I decided not to purchase. I had enough money on me but it would have wiped me out. I know I have cash coming in over the next few days but figure I’d rather wait a few days than have something go wrong. The shoes will be there next week. I also want to try out the Adidas ones I looked at plus, hopefully, some of these deadbeats on ebay will have paid me by then.

Arrgghh, just a short rant on ebay – by the time you take the pictures, post everything with ebay crashing constantly and then chase up payment, it’s not worth the effort.

And, something else I’ve been meaning to rant about for a while, why the hell do people take kids to the movies? I mean really young kids, like babies. When I went to see Rocky Balboa last week, we had some people behind us with a baby. The baby cried in every pivotal scene. I wanted to kill them. Some other people in front of us had a two year old who ran around the cinema like a … well like a two year old at the cinema. Seriously, if your kid is too young to sit through a movie, leave them at home (preferably with a babysitter) or go to one of those crybaby sessions or maybe go to the drive in (which is only a suburb or so over from the cinema) where the kids are not bothering other people.

I’m about to email Hoyts and let them know how I feel. And next time it happens, I’m going to say something to the parents. If I’m paying good money to see a film, why should it be ruined because they are so rude and selfish?


8 responses to “Good and Bad

  1. Agree 100% about the cinema, adults who continually talk loudly to each other are just as bad as the young kids too! The last time we were at the cinema (it was Melb Central I think), an usher actually asked a couple to be quiet. I’m not sure if someone had complained or not, but it was the first time I’d seen it happen.

  2. Good job getting the leg comment – it feels good when others notice that you’re in shape.

    I was rather shocked to see a small child, about 5 years old, in one of the Lord of the Rings movies. I don’t know how a child that young would internalize all of the violence, but it can’t be good.


  3. Good luck with Hoyts, bet you get nowhere! They won’t give a shit, as long as people pay the money to see the movie …. I hate little kids at movies too, so you are not alone on that one.

  4. your bloody valentine

    Go you with the muscley legs!

    I have to agree with you on eBay, it shits me to tears trying to sell anything on there. Plus there are the seller’s fees.

    I saw something rather, err, interesting at the cinema last Friday night. We went to a hilariously bad cult movie and were sitting in the back row as it was a really little cinema. There was a couple sitting a seat or two away from us and the girl was giving her man some hand relief. I didn’t know what to do! It was kind of distracting, funny and gross so I tried to shut it out as there were no ushers about. But what would I have said if there were ushers? Errr.
    Little kids at the cinemas shit me too, but I generally don’t get them, just arseholes who play with their mobiles for the whole way through. I don’t get why someone would pay $15 just to be bored and text their mates, surely you can do that at home?

  5. The cinema is about the most annoying place ever. But I love movies so I keep going back ;o) I’ve found the trick is to sit in the back row… that way, there’s no wrapper rustling/talking etc behind you :o)

    Go you with the runners legs! Woohoo!!

    Take care darl

  6. I’m absolutely with you on the cinema thing. They’re just being selfish. Wait till the bloody movie comes out on DVD!

    Now, how do I get your legs?

  7. I’m with you on the cinema thing. They may be able to ignore their children, but they should have a bit more consideration for other people who are trying to watch!

    I didn’t know they still had drive-in’s in Australia. Now THERE’s something I have some very fond memories of!

  8. I hate the cinemas because there’s always some selfish idiot. Dan’s tech obsession means me can watch the latest on a big fancy screen at home now. Not complaining!

    I’ve heard you’ve got great legs 🙂

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