Weigh In – 76.3 kg

I feel like I’m just dicking around when it comes to weight loss, making a half arsed effort. I wanted to get down to 70 kgs before the Run for the Kids. Now it’s less than 4 weeks away so I guess that won’t be happening.

I feel like I’m not running as good as I did this time last year, which is crazy because I’d only been running a few months then, but I’m having a trouble with any kind of sustained effort. I realised on Saturday that it’s because my all round fitness isn’t as good as it used to be. Last summer I’d spend hours in the gym. Before I started working, I’d walk into the city to the gym, do some cardio and weights then more than likely stay for a spin class. It wasn’t that uncommon for me to burn off 1,000+ calories a day.

I’m not working at the moment, but I’m buggered if I’m going to do that. I’ve got other things to do in life – writing and looking for a job. They are priorities for me now, not going to the gym.

One thing I do have to do though is push myself more when I’m running. I used to do that when I first started then I got complacent. Now I’m happy to stop and take walk breaks when I feel a bit tired and I’m happy to jog along at a slow pace. I’m not improving and this is why.

I think I need to get serious for the next 4 weeks – serious about what I eat and serious about training. I don’t have the time to do 3 hours a day exercise so I’ve got to make sure the exercise I do counts. No more slacking off.

9 responses to “Weigh In – 76.3 kg

  1. My running is worse than last year too. Oh well as long as we keep on tryingright???

  2. You can do it Kathryn! Just keep going to the R4K training session when you can. They sound as if they are motivating 🙂 Wish I could get to some as I know exactly what you are saying about pushing yourself.

    I don’t think I will be able to swing the SS Tan run on Wednesday but I never say never right up to the end 😉

  3. A great way to pick up motivation is to get some new music, a new workout/jogging mix for your idiet ipod perhaps?

    Maybe with your current priorities, new running clothes aren’t in order, but a piece of good fitting clothing – perhaps adapted from something else in your wardrobe – can also help.

    I tried the interval suggestions from MorseyRuns http://morseyruns.blogspot.com/2007/02/intervals.html
    on my Tan workout yesterday and the excitement of the new helped me power around even tho i was a bit tired from some gym workout.

  4. Hi, just dropping by to say just that.

  5. Kathryn, we all go through spots where our motivation wanes and we feel we are not doing so well. I think that mixing it up a bit more with the running would be a good idea too.

  6. I said the same thing about getting to 70kg for the Run4Kids- and I am too frightened to look, but I am probably the same weight as you too. We need to make it more manageable, I need an easier goal!

  7. I know what you mean because I want to get down to 70kg as well but keep hovering around 72kg now. But to be honest, I’m not really trying to lose it.

    I think you’re plan to focus on your training and eating will be really beneficial to your overall fitness and you will be buzzing again!

    Now what’s the plan sista 🙂

  8. I think we are in the same headspace atm… i a SOOOO frustrated with my body and my head for not ‘just doing it”… I need to do it and I know what I need to do. why o why can’t I just switch on that mojo!!!!

  9. God – I dream about the days of having a 7 in front of my weight. Or an 8. (Or even a 9…). But I understand the motivation thing.

    We are more similar than might be first apparent than our dissimilar weight suggests. I, too, am looking for a job and it has become a priority for me. I’m not sure about your circumstances but for me, I am being fairly picky about what I apply for. Nonetheless it still means limited income. Running has become my way of de-stressing. Even when I don’t want to go out running – I do. And when I do go out, I end up running and forget about everything else for that 30minutes, or an hour if I’m lucky. Then the world comes back once I’ve finished. But for that time, I’m completely focused on my running.

    I’ve got no advice for the weight loss (I need advice from you!!) but for the running – just get out there. Maybe you are at a plateau. One of the regular runners who comments on my blog said most runners spend the majority of their time at the plateau. Could that be it?

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