Well after the big rush, we had no more customers. It wasn’t even a big rush really, just a couple who bought a lot. I reckon they do garage sales and resell stuff because they seemed to be looking for specific things but who cares – we got their dough.

We seemed to get lots of old Italian men – not sure if that’s because old Italian men love garage sales or because of the Scarface posters I made. They didn’t buy anything so we think the posters mislead them and they were looking for machine guns and cocaine.

I didn’t tap dance in my shorts and stripey tights, sorry Bri. But I did wear a pirate hat (and resisted the urge to sell it when asked). Some dude nearly come a cropper on his bike watching me. I stop traffic… lolz. No photos either. The only camera we have is my sister’s defunct mobile and she sold that today.

We packed up and then went to the shops. Bread is good. Magically gigantic chocolate chip cookies for $2 are also good but they stayed in the shops. After spending the past two days talking and dreaming about snack foods, like some Oliver Twist style orphans, my sister and I get money and decide we don’t want them after all. Go us.

After the tap dancing, I got bored so got out my weights and pumped some iron on the verandah. I think my neighbourhood has seen it all now, and I’ve probably played a pivotal part in the potheads next door giving up weed.

Now I just need to get these ebay shoppers to pay up. They have until Tuesday (that makes it a week) or I’m filing a non-paying bidder complaint. It’s weird, they all have lots of good feedback yet aren’t paying me or even sending an email!


5 responses to “Done

  1. I’m so disappointed about the shorts and stripey tights!!
    and I really really want to use the big nasty word for those non-paying ebay people!

  2. I love reading your blog – you are so funny — no matter what, know that you bring sunshine and joy into at least one life — mine!!
    K xxx

  3. Well, yay for bread money!! Hope the eBay slowpokes pay up tomorrow.

    I wish I’d been free this arvo, I’d have cruised around Northcote till I found the tap-dancing, pirate-hat-wearing crazy lady with the truly great songwriting talent. Bugger the garage sale crap, I’d have paid you just for the entertainment!

    Doh! You should have put a hat on the footpath, you could have made a fortune in gold coins!

    you are a legend

  5. Haha…you sure know how to make a good time out of it! Thank the gods you can eat now. Don’t you have a Hare Krishna “free food” place someone ’round town? šŸ™‚

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