Tips and Chuckles…

You’d think going for a run was a simple affair – get dress, go – nothing more than that. Well, I’ve got a handy tip. Check your outfit before leaving home.

I got to the Run for the Kids training run tonight and set off running then noticed my t-shirt. I’d not changed it. Then I looked down the neck of my t-shirt and realised I’d not put on my running bra. Oops!

My head hadn’t been in a thinky place when I’d got changed, the bottom half of me was okay but the top, not so good. It wasn’t even a regular bra but my fancy dress up bra.

Still it ended well. It ended up being more supportive than some of my sports bras. Who knew you could have good cleavage and support?

I felt sick on the run again today. I’m going to try leaving a good 3-4 hours between eating and running in future. It would help if people didn’t give me cake. I couldn’t even have a beer afterwards and I came totally and utterly last (yeah I know it’s not a race but I’d like to kinda keep up).

Yesterday I went to Princes Park to do some speed intervals. I don’t really know what I’m doing but it seemed like a good idea. I thought I’d try running 6 minute kms for 2 km at a time. I did the first km and died. I did it in 5.26 mins though. Then I walked half a km and tried again, this time doing 1 km in 5.19. I think I need to work on my pacing because that is too fast for me to run. Well too fast for me to run for 2 km, obviously.

Oh and I didn’t feel sick yesterday because I went in the morning so had only eaten a banana.

In the afternoon, we went to see Rocky Balboa. What a great movie. I heart Rocky. I was all inspired when I left the cinema. I am so buying a punching bag if I get a job because it won’t bitch nearly as much as my sister does when I punch it.

Anyway, I thought I’d tell you a funny story. A friend of my sister’s came over today (he with the evil cake). He is touring the US soon and wants to re-enact scenes from movies in different cities. He tried to work out a movie for Chicago! We were both screaming ‘Chicago’ and he goes “yeah I’m going to Chicago, but what’s a movie from there?” My sister even sang the song and he still didn’t get it.


11 responses to “Tips and Chuckles…

  1. That’s really fast for 1km! My fastest ever time for 1km was 5.15 and it took me months of only doing 1km to get down to that and even when I did I had the cardiac arrest team on stand by.

    You put yourself down way too much missy. Stop it, NOW.

  2. aye, i agree. with that speedy time and that magnificent rack, you so much to crow about 🙂

    i’m glad you mentioned rocky balboa! sounds like it’s a goodun. i looove the rocky movies but never got round to seeing the newie.

    sooo next race… stockings and suspenders???

  3. Great times- I get so excited if there is a 5 instead of a 6 in front of my pace! I haven’t seen any of the other Rocky movies- do you think I will be able to piece it together?

  4. How funny – I can see you screaming “CHICAGO” – with your hands on your hips!! hehe
    Well done on having cleavage while you run – you never know who you’ll meet so it’s always good to be prepared!
    How come you keep getting free cake? No-one gives ME free cake – maybe you’re getting too skinny and people think you need feeding up?

  5. I must see that movie! Also, the guy with the evil cake… next time remember…. YA DON’T HAVE TO EAT IT !!! And he’s a dork.. CHICAGO ! Bet you laughed!

  6. HAHAHAH Dufus! Him, not you.

    If I ever go running, I have to wear a well supporting bra and one of those sport crop tops (in a size too small) else I end up with black eyes!

    Kudos to you on the running! Any running clubs in teh area, or websites, that can give you tips on how to increase your speed without making yourself feel like a failure in the mean time?


  8. I WISH I could run in a fancy bra! I need all the help I can get. I have to strap myself in and hope for the best. I would not have been able to carry on as if nothing were amiss!

    As for that speed… 1km is still a decent distance to maintain that sort of speed. Weren’t you even a little bit surprised that you’d managed low 5’s?? I’m still agog if I manage a high 6!!!

    Keep up the incredible work – and remind me not to run with you any time soon!!!!!! 🙂

  9. You’re doing so well Kath, you sound so committed to this whole running thing and and you should be very happy with yourself, that you’re giving it a red hot go!!

    I hear you on the whole eating/running debate. Running first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is usually fine for me, especially if I’ve had say pasta for dinner the night before. If I’m running after work I usually have something in the last hour before I leave work and that something is usually a piece of fruit or half a protein bar. Nothing too heavy. It works!

    And as for the whole bra thing – if you can believe it, I don’t need to wear a bra when I run, because I’ve got nothing to hold up! One of those singlets with built in support is enough for me! How tragic is that?! But oh well, that’s what water bras are for! heh heh

    Hope everything is going well!

  10. Wow K, there were some fast Kms right there. Maybe next time stick with that pace but make the intervals shaper, say 500 mtres.

    Tell you mate that he could do the Blues Brothers, that was set in Chicago. But yeah, CHICAGO, can’t believe he didn’t get that one, LOL

  11. Thats not a bad speed Kathryn and the second one was faster than the first, thats a good thing!

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