Weigh In 77.1 kg

You know who sucks – me. I’ve put on 1.2 kg this week. I don’t even know how that happened. Well apart from not exercising enough and eating too much. I really don’t have to overeat much to put on weight and that sucks.

I haven’t been running since the Sunset Series the other night because I’m scared I’m going to get sick again and that sucks. The Run for the Kids is in less than 5 weeks and I’m totally unprepared and that sucks too.

I have a job interview today and I don’t want to go because I’m not going to get the job anyway so why waste my time and I dont’ want to get all dressed up and go into the city for nothing. And if, by some miracle I get the job, I’ll only suck at it.

I’m sick of being broke and struggling and I’m mighty sick of ebay because every time I try to list stuff on there, my browser freezes up.

I’m sick of everything and life sucks. I’m such a chirpy little rainbow today, aren’t I.


13 responses to “Weigh In 77.1 kg

  1. Your attitude sucks too! Sorry, that’s not going to help you cheer up, but I’m in a bad mood too, so taking it out on someone else might help!

  2. Gotta agree with Sue but I get like this too. Now what are ya gonna do about it? Go to the interview anyway and then plan some exercise and good food for the week. You can do this, it’s just a little dark and cloudy in your world today BUT bad days don’t last 🙂

  3. Me three!

    I know you’re an old hand at interviews, but use it as a trial run anyway – see if REALLY selling yourself makes people react differently, or if being a bit funny works, or wear a see-through top… I am sure you will be much happier once you get a job and focus on the money it brings!

  4. Mondayitis in a big way hey? My 1hr traffic standstill sucked the big one this morning also. Good luck with the interview.

  5. Sorry everything sucks at the moment (((()))) I am sure there is a light somewhere down that bloody tunnel and you will be back to your chirpy self :)!!

    Good luck with the interview.

  6. OK Kathryn just suck it in and see what happens. You can do this, an da job would help things for a while I am sure. Go knock em dead.

  7. Crap, that sucks. Hope the interview didn’t suck. Hope you get back to your optimistic happy self soon!
    Go have a chocobana ball – or do they suck too today?

  8. Well, Ms Litte-Ray-of-Sunshine, it must be something in the water, because my morning sucked BIG TIME.

    How about taking your own advice about the scales? – yes, I finally got my copy of W H & F magazine. Nice one, by the way!

    Hope your day got better.

  9. You certainly don’t suck at writing – I read your article today – excellent in both content and style.
    You certainly don’t suck at losing weight – you’ve lost and kept off over 30 kilos – 30 KILOS – that’s 1.5x more than me.
    You certainly can’t be that much of a suck because your name is Kathryn and so is mine … and it’s a well known fact that Kathryns spelt this way are definitely the sexiest, smartest and leanest women in the universe.
    Katie xxx

  10. Hey, I had a suckful day last week and felt like shit…. IT PASSES. Get on with it mate, tomorrow is another day, and who knows, it might not suck!

  11. A weight gain & shitty to boot. Is that PMS I hear?

  12. When you’re feeling like that, it usually means that tomorrow will probably be a better day! Go for the job interview … you’ll regret it if you don’t try!

  13. I saw a beautiful rainbow the other day. They only come when it’s raining, and it sounds like you’re due your very own rainbow.

    We might not be able to change our circumstances but we can choose how we respond to them. Sounds to me like you chose to be grumpy today and you certainly have revelled in it.

    I enjoy reading your blog because you write with such passion. I could feel how bad your day seemed like it was going to be today. I look forward to hearing how it all turned out.

    I hope the interview went well. After losing all that weight you must look great in your interview clothes. One of the things that I love about having lost weight is catching sight of myself in a window as I walk past and then realising that the great looking woman I’ve just seen is me!

    Next time you feel like this, get dressed up and walk past lots of windows!

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