I’m feeling much better today, though I’d prolly feel even better if some pesky mosquito hadn’t been buzz around me all night. How come you can’t sleep through the sound of a mosquito? Damn things.

The interview went kinda well yesterday. I don’t have all the skills they need but the girl from the agency is going to talk to them about me because she thinks the skills I do have are so strong, they might be willing to training me.

I’m ambivalent about this job though. I’m not sure I want to return to a full time serious career position. I’ve been making such great progress with my writing. This is a very serious, very corporate career position. It comes with a very serious, very corporate salary. Part of me feels like I should be pursuing a career, a proper career in an office. To stop dicking around. Another part of me says that I should take my writing seriously or I’ll get nowhere with that.

I tried on running shoes yesterday at the Athlete’s Foot. Strangely enough, the guy said completely different stuff to what everyone else has ever told me about my feet. He said I had high arches. I’ve always thought I had high arches but every other time I’ve been fitted they’ve said I have normal arches. It’s stupid but I’m kinda proud of having high arches. He also said I needed a lot of heel support. I tried on some ASICS 1120s and they felt great but I’d really like a second opinion on this. I’m not investing all that money in a pair of running shoes that aren’t right – I’ve learnt my lesson on that.

Finally, some of my ebay auctions finish today. Hopefully I’ll get lots more bids. I’ve still got more stuff to list too but ebay kept stuffing up yesterday. I should go out for a run I guess instead of sitting around obsessively pressing refresh on my ebay browser.

5 responses to “Happier

  1. Hey, the job sounds promising but it sounds like you really need to think about your situation and what you really want and need to do.

    I’ve been watching Dan grow as a writer and he still has a very serious, full time and well paid job. It would be fantastic if he could write all day but it’s not realistic for him and in all honesty, he wouldn’t put those hours to good use. He does however write at lunch time and at night. He has had to be very disciplined and that’s what being serious is all about I think.

    Whatever you decide, get some advice from other writers. You might find that most of them do actually work full time (the ones in Dan’s bloggers world definitely do and need to, even the published ones).

    Another published writer friend of ours in Melbourne, decided to get a part time job at some gaming store. He found that worrying about money all the time took away from his ability to actually write.

    I hope you can find a balance that will not take away from your writing but enhance it. Good luck babe, I know how hard it is!

  2. Whoops, forgot to say that I’m glad you’re happier today too! Doom days suck…

  3. Sounds like you have quite a dilema on your hands…. serious job with good money, or job you love and piss all money! At the end of the day it is a decision only you can make, good luck with it. I have high arches too, weird how they make up feel “less fat” !

  4. Hey! Glad to see you’re a bit happier today! Hard decision to make about the full time job, but in the end money isn’t everything but it does pay the bills!

    Good luck!

    Em 🙂

  5. So glad that went for the interview and are feeling a little bit better about things. I’m not going to give you any advice about the corporate career thing, the way I’m feeling about mine now does not put me in a good place to be advising others!

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