I’ve just listed some of my clothes on ebay — here — and still have 2 more boxes of stuff to list. Arrrgh, let me tell you if you think it’s a good idea to buy black clothes before you lose weight, think again. Once you lose the weight, they are a total bitch to photograph when you want to sell them on ebay. Plus it just took me 2 hours to list 6 items. Everything is running insanely slow today.


6 responses to “Ebay

  1. congrats on the magazine article – i was thinking of bagging stuff up on ebay too! might wait and see how your stuff goes though.

  2. Good luck with your ebay sales! Its so hard to get good pictures of clothes for ebay, I try and try.

    The Token Fat Girl

  3. I think I need to finally start ebaying stuff. Dan seems to make a couple of hundred every so often. I’m such an idiot, I place all my stuff on the street when I don’t want it. I could have been raking it in! I need to sell most of my camera gear. Good luck!

  4. Hi Kathryn. Just checked out your article in the fitness mag. Well done.

  5. I will check out your article in the mag. I really like that magazine.
    Good luck for your Ebay auction. Yes, black clothes are hard to photograph.

  6. I just checked your ebay stuff – looking at you now I CANNOT BELIEVE you ever wore size 26!! Especially with how fast you run!What a wonderfu l transformation you have worked on yourself, you should be very proud

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