Working Man

Andrew got offered a job today. He starts work on Monday. I’m so happy and I think it will be a really good thing for him. It’s the first interview he’s ever done so pretty amazing that he got it. Of course, he’s very confident and self-assured, mostly due to good parenting (see what I did there). It’s working in a call centre but sounds great and if he sticks at it for 6 months they offer training to move into other areas. I reckon a year or two of working and, if he wants to go back to uni, he’ll be much more focused on what he wants to do.

Still there’s a part of me that is sad. Mostly because he has a job and I don’t. That doesn’t seem right. Sure it’s much easier to get call centre work than IT jobs especially at this time of year, but he’ll be earning more than me! Plus he turns 20 this weekend and he’s no longer a teenager. I’m not even used to him being a teenager yet. How did that happen?

4 responses to “Working Man

  1. Congratulations to your Andrew … I know how you feel with my Chris just landing his apprenticeship too!

  2. congrats to your son 🙂 Maybe he can contribute to housekeeping 😉

    I hope he enjoys the job- you must be very proud.

  3. Way to go Andrew! It is funny adjusting to our kids getting older, my eldest is now 28 and I feel weird knowing that! I feel much more NORMAL with Brylee and Griffin, like its ok to be Mummy to a 5 and 6 year old than a 28 year old! I am feeling young, that’s the best part. I hope you get a job soon, being poor sucks.

  4. I can only imagine how you are feeling. I watch my younger sister and brother “grow up” and it spins me out! They shock me sometimes when they act more adult than me LOL.

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