My weight is down to 75.9 kg today. Ha, I knew the scales were lying yesterday. And that is why I never pay too much attention to them.

I’ve decided to have an easy day today. I hurt my leg doing yoga on Sunday!!! Am I the only person in the world who can do that? I’m hoping to do the Sunset Series run at Princes Park tomorrow – hopefully they’ll let me pay the concession price because I’m still fairly skint, but they aren’t too clear on their site who gets concession prices.

And that leads me to a rant! I’m so shitty about this – unfair concessions. A lot of runs give only give concessions to full time students. That means if you are on a health care card and struggling to survive, you pay full price, while some snotty little shit who’s at uni and living at home, needing nothing but party cash while Mummy and Daddy foot the bills gets a concession! Sure a lot of uni students struggle but then surely they’d be on a health care card.

It’s just like senior card discounts. They bug me. You know ANYONE who’s old get ones. If you are old but you own a million dollar mansion in Toorak and collect zillions of dollars from investments, you get a concession on public transport and movies and stuff. And, trust me, rich old people will do that.

5 responses to “Tuesday

  1. Nice result on the scales – I am ignoring mine for saying nasty things about me. Good luck for Sunset Series Race 2- both the concession and the running.

  2. LOL yep, not paying much attention to scales helps. Godo luck getting the concession!

  3. Enjoy the race, concession or not…. shit happens and there is sweet fanny all we can do about it. So go and have fun !

  4. I remember my Dad’s absolute delight the first time he got senior discount at the movies. Mind you, after teaching for over 40 years, they bloody deserved it!

  5. Have a great race, hope they give you a concession. Good luck on the weight loss.

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