Weigh In 76.8 kg

That’s a 0.8 kg gain this week but I’m not fussed. The hot weather always screws my weight around and I’ve been drinking about 800 litres of water a day. I know I’ve been eating relatively well and exercising so I figure as soon as it cools down, I’ll get normal.

You know what amazes me. When you go to the gym and people get to their class early so they sit on the ground for 10-15 doing nothing. Why not hop on a bike or something? If you’re going to be at the gym, may as well exercise.

I went to the gym yesterday and did a cardio workout then yoga. I had to leave yoga early though because you only get 2 hours parkng validation at the gym and I am not using my precious (and rapidly diminishing) supply of money on parking. I validated my ticket and left the gym then ran, all sweaty and gross, through the shopping centre to the ticket machine so I could get out free.

It’s been a hard week as far as money goes. My sister loaned me some because she rocks but I was supposed to get paid $80 for some work I did and only got $40. I’ll get the rest next week but really needed this week. I get $100 tomorrow so that rocks. I want to suspend my gym membership but I need money to do that.

So this week’s challenge is good posture. I have the worst posture and always slump but this week I’m going to be aware of it. Head up, stomach in.


8 responses to “Weigh In 76.8 kg

  1. I had a gain as well. I wish I took it as well as you did. I just went out and had a pig out. Dumb. Shoulders back, suck in. I can do that too.

  2. That’s a good reminder for me…as I sit slouched at work. You you see hunched over elderly people and immediately straighten? A guy at the supermarket yesterday was so hunched his neck was at a right angle to his back, so he faced the ground, poor bugger. I need reminding constantly!

  3. I always wonder that about gym-goers too! Although maybe they are just staking out the best/most breezy spot before others show up? Who knows!


  4. Oh yeah, the ground-sitters are TOTALLY claiming their territory. You don’t want to get to class and find someone has taken your favourite spot, do you? Don’t these newcomers realise there’s a heirarchy here?


  5. yep – put me down on the broke as hell list too! coz i am and don’t it suck?

  6. Kathryn, one of my ex-PTs got me to put “little red dots” around the place, like on my computer screen etc. These were to remind me of my posture. It worked, every time I’d see the dot I’d sit up straight!

  7. Great idea with the posture challenge. I was shown how to have the bar resting properly on my shoulders on the smith machine tonight .. amazing the difference it made.

    I’m with you Kathryn, wondering why people were sitting outside waiting for the class before to finish instead of jumping on a treadmill. Now I realise that they are probably waiting to rush in so that they can stake their ground!

  8. Whoops, I’m slouching right now. How many people will read this post and sit up right quick smart LOL.

    I go early to yoga to lie down for 15-20 minutes and yep, claim my territory 😉

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