How frigging hot is it! I’ll be glad when it cools down a bit. Didn’t stop me from going to the R4TK training run yesterday. I decided to not be lazy this week and do the 8 km run. Came dead last but still got a coffee and muffin so that was good.

When I got home, we spent the arvo watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve not seen it before and now I’m hooked. I also ate far too much bread – it’s just too easy to live on sangers when it’s so hot.

Today I’m heading over to the lovely air-conditioned gym. Might stay there all day so I can avoid the heat.

I’ve got so much to do this week, I need to make myself a schedule.

Oh yeah and Andrew had two job interviews this week – my mad resume writing skills are paying off him a lot better than they are for me. Fingers crossed that he gets one of them.

7 responses to “Hot

  1. Hot…urgh…

    Good on you for doing the run – it’s not at all fun in the heat. I did a 20km bike ride this morning – we left at 7:45am and it was STILL hot! I’m all sweaty now. Ugh.

  2. Well done on getting out and running in the heat – who cares if you came in last – you ran, that’s more than I did!

  3. Oh my, running in the heat is bad enough, going for 8kms is just awesome! I can’t even run 500 metres! Hope the coffee and muffin were yum!

  4. Well done on pushing out for the 8Kms yesterday, you finished and you finished running, there is no last, the kid on the bike came last 🙂

  5. Still none of the usual thunderstorms?

    Hope he gets an ace job!

  6. It certainly has been hot! Congratulations on the run. I hope the gym was lovely and cold for you.

  7. wow, two interviews already! you should go pro, you’d make a killing!

    and well done on running in the heat, i dunno how you manage to leave the house let alone run. i’m such a wuss in the heat now 🙂

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