Valentines Day

Pssst, I’m feeling trapped in at the moment. My housemate is painting the side of the house outside my room and, I know if I open the curtains and the window, he’ll keep talking to me (or more like AT me). I’m in no mood for that so I’m sitting here with the curtains closed, scared to leave my room. He has no comprehension that I have better things to do than hear about his prostate plus he stinks! A couple of times he’s had my sister and I holed up in the hallway and he reeks of BO. We inch away trying to get out of smell range but he walks after us.

One of the local bars had a singles night last night for Valentines Day. I’d thought about going then remembered Andy was coming over for dinner. Personally I’d much rather spend time with my son than some desperate stranger in a bar.

Since Andrew didn’t get into the course he wanted at uni, we spent some time writing his resume and applying for jobs. I put together a basic application that he can use and change around. Don’t they teach that stuff to kids in school any more?

I’m kinda glad he didn’t get into his course. When he said he wanted to change over to Psychology, I’d have been fully supportive if I’d felt he really wanted to do it but I got the feeling that he just wanted out of his Computer Science course and would take anything else just to stay at uni. I reckon a few years in the workforce will do him good then if he decides to go back to study, he’ll be doing it because he really wants to do it, not because he’s too scared to do anything else.

After I dropped him home, I passed the bar and checked out the singles night. The place was packed full of tanned, blonde chicks who all looked the same and a couple of meathead guys. I think I made the right choice picking family time instead.

3 responses to “Valentines Day

  1. Eww singles bars…. you chose good with your son for company. One of our sons had been on 3 courses in the past 3 years, and still doesn’t know what he wants to do! Kids, they are such pains! Doesn’t help having so many either….as for your flatmate and his BO, tell him he stinks and give him some deodorant, how else is he going to learn? I know you are not his mother, but you are the one having to put up with the stench… yuk.

  2. sounds like you made the right choice for V day!
    agh stinky housemates, thats got to be a killer, spraying him with air freshener might give him a hint!

  3. Oh yuck! I detest BO! No excuse for it! You need someone to tell him.
    Why do young girls always want to be blonde????????????????

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