Okay, I’m officially poor now. Totally skint. I just used my $2 coin that carry in my gym bag for the lockers to buy coffee. I have no cash until Saturday.

I guess it’s not that bad – I have enough food in the house to keep me going for a long time. I have a bit of petrol in the car and don’t really need to use that anyway. I don’t really need cash but it’s nice to have some in case of emergencies or to buy stuff like coffee.

You know what really sucks – I got that big, shiny cheque last week but because it’s overseas money, it has to sit in my account for 28 days. It’s there but it’s not available. It’s like prick tease money. It dances at me and taunts: you can see me but you can’t have me.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make fast cash, let me know. Not ideas that involve dirty old men and street corners though…

I started back at school last night. Editing, woohoo! That’s sarcasm by the way. My sister is a total comma nerd. I showed her the subject outline and she was totally jealous about my learning. I told her she could do the subject in my place but I don’t get so het up about the semicolon.

I did something that might have been a bit silly. We have to each do a presentation over the course of the year so I volunteered to do mine in week 4. That’s in 3 weeks time folks. At least it will be done and I can wag class and go to to Monday night running training instead. Am I the only person who gets their subject outline on the first day and marks off the classes they can wag?

On Friday, I’ve got Short Story which will be much more exciting. I hope.

Arrggh this Editing subject is getting to me already. I can see many errors in this entry but I’m going to rebel and NOT fix them. So there.

11 responses to “Skint

  1. It sucks when you’re broke… Can u not pay a small fee to have the cheque cleared even if it o/s money? Sometimes different bank people tell u different stuff.

  2. Quick, easy money = EBAY!!

    I absolutely love finding stuff to sell on Ebay. My problem is that I find it a real hassle to take the photos and upload all the info….

    I can lend you a tenner if you need it 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about your brokeness. I too can lend you a tenner if need be. 🙂

    Also, I did editing last year and thought I would hate it, but I ended up really enjoying it. I guess it appealed to my inner anal retentive bastard or something. Do you have Penny? She’s awesome

  4. Ha, and I am such a good editor now that I forget to end a sentence with a full stop! Ahem.

  5. Sorry to hear about the lack of funds! How annoying waiting for a check to clear when you need cash now!

    If there’s a counter that sells lotto and scratch and win tickets near you, the discarded tickets can be a great source of money!

    As a teenager I worked in a cafe with a kiosk opposite. If I needed extra cash I would empty the scratchy bins and go through them while watching telly. I used to end up with $50 for a couple of hours work.

  6. Send me your address, I’ll send ya $2 for coffee !!! ha ha ha. Might not get much tho, Kiwi money is worth less than Aussy money…. shame. Hope you can hang in there till that cheque clears. Don’t recommend street corners eitha.

  7. Oh shame, I just read the other comments and feel CHEAP now, cos I only offered you $2…. maybe I can stretch to a tenner as well !

  8. another sarah ...

    Sorry to hear about your skint-ness. Can you sell some books at a book exchange? Or some cds off to a second hand record shop? I used to do this heaps when I was perpetually skint, found all the things I didn’t like and didn’t have any time for and flogged them. I didn’t get too much but it tided me over until the money rolled in again.
    I’d love to do editing! I edited other people’s papers at uni and I got quite into it.

    Hope your money situation eases up soon.

    🙂 Sarah

  9. what about one of those cash converters type places? too bad they don’t give money for donating blood here, like they do in other places! lol. i hate being broke!!! i know what it is like.

  10. Look down the back of the couch. There’s sure to be at least $4 in silver there.

    On the O/S money, can you request that next time they send you a bank draft drawn on one of their correspondent AUSTRALIAN banks? It’s only standard clearance days then…should be down to about 2 nowadays. Or get yourself a pet banker. I have a few of those. They can always break the rules. It helps that I used to be their boss. 🙂

  11. Mmm…how about eBay. Got anything to eBay? Books, clothes, bags…

    Argh and Daniel is a comma nerd too! My writing has been all over the place because of him. Just let me write it my way!! LOL 🙂

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