Weigh In – 76 kg

A small loss this week. I wasn’t expecting much this week but what the hell can you expect when people keep giving me baked goods! Saturday morning I went to the Tan for a training session for Run For the Kids and afterwards they had coffee and muffins. Not just regular muffins either, but fantastically good muffins. I only ran 4 km, next week I’m definitely doing the 8 km run – I need to so that I come out ahead!

Then I got home and went for a coffee run and the owner at the Best Coffeeshop Ever is thinking of changing cake suppliers and he had samples and, since we are their bestest customers, he gave me cake samples to take home. He gave me tiramisu! Tiramisu people, I’m not strong enough to say no to that. And Mars Bar Cake. Luckily they were only slivers and I shared them with my sister.

Since I’m living in abject poverty and getting free cake, I feel kinda like a peasant from the French revolution.

Oh yeah, last week’s challenge went well until Thursday then I had all the landlord hassles to deal with so got sidetracked, then the free cake! I still need to work on the regular meals and no grazing thing.

I’ve not thought of a challenge for this week but, after my last post, I think I’ll make a point of being aware of my emotions and working on them. This will be a good week to put things into practice because I start back at my writing course tonight and that always plays on my insecurities and jealousies.


5 responses to “Weigh In – 76 kg

  1. Oh thank god I havn’t got to sample cake like you! How awful, having to eat cake…better go for a run now, right now!

  2. LOL sample cake! That is too funny and yummy, lucky girl but yeah…now run 😉

    I hope you enjoy being back at your course and you will get heaps out of it. Tackle those damne emotions and use them. They make for good writing material.

  3. 4km??? U can run 4km? I think you just became the girl that I am going to compare myself to!

    Unfair advantage number 1 – she has heaps of energy from all that free cake she is getting! hehe!

  4. Tiramisu? And Mars Bar cake? Well, it’s quite understandable…who could possibly resist that?

  5. Damn landlords! My landlord really broke my mojo this week too. Well, the combination of him and hassles at work…

    Oh well, moving on…

    Good luck on your mission this week and with your course!

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