I’ve been feeling exhausted lately. Yesterday I had to go into the city and thought I’d do a gym workout while I was there, but just couldn’t then I thought I’d walk home and didn’t even manage that. Today, I just want to sleep. It’s been an emotional draining few days.

Part of me thinks if I need rest I should have it, the other is freaking. I’ve got workout schedules and fat to burn. And I used to find being lazy so easy.

I can’t believe Anna Nichol Smith is dead. Years ago, many years ago now, when she got fat and lost weight the first time, I had an article from a magazine showing her before pics and then the skinny Anna Nichol in a pink gingham dress. I pinned it up over my desk at work and told everyone that she was my inspiration. If Anna Nichol could lose weight, so could I. Of course it didn’t actually work, but I thought lots about it.


4 responses to “Tired

  1. Poor Anna, what a life, and what a waste… sad for her wee baby, wonder who the daddy really is???

  2. Lstern to your body.. it is telling you to rest… so rest!!

    So tragic when anyone young dies… highlighted more when it is someone unexpected like Anna…

    I love the name Anna, and Jack wouldn’t have a bar of it becuase of her!!!

  3. That is so funny that you mention Anna Nicole as a motivational tool. I’ve got a whole post brewing about certain kinds of people who successfully lose weight and why they shouldn’t be role models. It’s coming, promise.

    And I’m another who says listen to your body – take it easy lady.

  4. I agree, you gotta listen to your body and rest! When I feel this way, I have taken a week off in the past. Do it, you’ll feel so much better, refreshed and ready to get back into it!

    RIP Anna Nicole Smith. Very sad.

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