Rocking the Go-Go

You gotta love a class when the first thing you do is have a beer break! That’s my kind of exercise. Even if I only stuck to water. What a fun workout. Very different to the whole gym vibe – lots of chicks in band tee-shirts and some mums and daughters, everyone having a good laugh at themselves.

After the warm ups, we learnt about 500 different dance moves! My fave was The Rifleman, which is basically doing finger guns. I can see many Riflemans (Riflemen?) being done on the dance floor after a few drinks. My least fave was the Monkey, mostly cos it involved doing little pulsing squats while alternating your arms in the air (kinda like the mashed potato). After my leg pressing and biking at the gym last night, my quads screamed in pain with every squat!

After learning the moves, we put them together into a routine. That rocked. Then break time and more beers (and waters).

After that we learnt some steps for the Madison, which apparently is so complicated that they only learn a few of the moves each week. Homework was to watch Hairspray (which I’ve never seen) because they do the Madison in it. Then another couple of attempts at the first routine and a cool down. Then my favourite part – free bar snacks!

All up, it was heaps of fun and I don’t think I got to un-co (well I did but managed to right myself). Apparently the moves are pretty much the same every week so after a few times I might even get the arms and legs working together!


13 responses to “Rocking the Go-Go

  1. Ha ha, sounds great! Watch the beer though! Think of the calories!

  2. Sounds like an awesome thing to do. Definitely more my league than pole dancing!

    Will look forward to seeing you shake your thang at christmas time. 😉

  3. Haha, that sounds like a HEAP of fun!!

  4. that sounds bloody awesome. who would have thought it would have ended up a SPORT of sorts! heheheh…

  5. What a hoot. I am even more excited to try it now. What did you wear?

  6. Exercise with beer breaks. I like that idea.

  7. If I lived closer then 3 1/2 hours away I would coem with you.. that sounds like a blast!!!
    Very interesting deep dark secrets… I don’t think I could come up with five!!!

  8. I loved your deep dark secrets and I want to find your housemate!! I always have thought I would be a good detective.

    Good girl for not having the beer. You are strong.

  9. Sounds like a den of hell to me. Only cause I couldn’t resist evil drinks and bar snacks right now LOL Otherwise FUN!

  10. Go-Go dancing sounds like hella fun. Of course I think I look a lot like Elaine from Seinfeld when I dance so I’m willing to bet I’d look like a complete spazz at one of those classes!

  11. Aww, now I really want to try it – especially if I can get away with being unco!
    Planning a trip to Melbourne in Ocotber (for the MotoGP) – would you take me to a class? Please?

  12. Yay for beer breaks and free snacks! Sounds awesome, wish I could have come along.

  13. That sounds awesome! Where do you do that?

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