Five Things You Don’t Know About Me!

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Whoa, my deepest, darkest secrets (well maybe not).

1. One time I was asked to be in foot porn (and I bet I get some weirdo google hits from writting that). Not foot fetish porn but dudes who have chicks walk on them. I’d met this guy at a club – he asked me to walk on him and I said so he offered to buy me a drink… it would have been rude to refuse. Then I got to know him over a few months and he asked me to do the porn. I thought it would be hilarious, and the only way I’d ever be in a porn movie, so of course I agreed. In the end, it all fell through which made me very sad because there were free shoes involved. FREE SHOES. *sob*

2. I am absolutely hopeless at spotting celebrities. I went to the US on hols with a friend and we were in LA and he saw Arnold Swaggenager and I was looking around going where? where? when he was right beside me. To be honest, I was looking for someone MUCH taller. On the same holiday, I also didn’t recognise Robert Redford. Another time, in Paris, we were sitting in the lobby of our (very fancy) hotel and I was waiting for this scruffily dressed chick to get thrown out but she was Naomi Campbell. I do recognise totally obscure people from obscure bands though, and I’ll get all excited if I see someone who was like in some band that had one single played on JJJ in the ’90s.

Do I sound like a complete wanker even mentioning this? Cos I’m not. Honest.

3. My housemate disappeared in suspicious circumstances. I don’t think I mentioned this before but last year my housemate’s boyfriend came over and collected some of her stuff and said she’d moved in with him (he was a thug). We’d spoken to her the day before and she’d not mentioned it and had even talked about house stuff like she had no intention of moving.

She never came back for any of her stuff. When we looked through her room (come on, you’d do it too), she’d left heaps of personal stuff behind – her underwear and all her furniture, uni assignments and letters and make up and stuff like that. We’ve never seen her again.

Since then, on at least three occasions, we’ve had weird people come to the house looking for her. When we say she doesn’t live here any more, they say yes she moved back to Greece/in with her boyfriend/interstate – so why do they come here looking for her?

We think either her bf offed her and threw her body in the Merri Creek or that she got in trouble with the mob or she was in witness protection. Normally we’d put it down to our overactive imaginations but our other housemate thinks it’s weird too, and he has no imagination.

4. I love REO Speedwagon and if that’s wrong, I never want to be right.

5. I’ve never fallen in love. I don’t really believe in it – isn’t it just something invented by Hollywood and florists to make money?


10 responses to “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me!

  1. If you have never fallen in love… it’s because you have never met THE person yet… it will happen when you least expect it…

  2. WOW. Foot porn. You superstar 🙂

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get free shoes ;(

    And I wonder if you should tell someone about the flatmate – like the Police. Maybe they will give you all her shoes !!

  3. How weird that the flatmate vanished. How was go-go dancing?

  4. Bwahaha…I’m with you and the 90s. There was a great Sonic Youth special on TV over the weekend and a Pixies one a couple of weeks before!

  5. I thought I had some weird flatmate stories, but you win!

  6. i’m gonna keeeep on lovin’ youuuuuuu!

    that is so bizarre about your former flatmate. wow.

    and the 90s. YES the glorious 90s… happy days!

  7. I always wondered about the house mate thing. Di you ever actually report it? I would hope someone reported it if I disappeared from the face of the planet.

    I got asked to be a boob double once. Lots of money but I couldn’t do it LOL

  8. OMG! The roommate thing is awesome in a creepy/gruesome way.

    The foot fetish thing is cool. I’d do it if offered, too!

  9. I’ve fallen in love more times than i’ve given up smoking, hmmm hang on … maybe it’s NOT love – maybe it’s just lust. Whatever!!

  10. That is pretty weird about the housemate. Like they said, did you ever report it to the police? If you didn’t, it’s not too late to do it now. Creepy.

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