Good Things

The mailman delivered a shiny parcel yesterday with a couple of copies of a book containing one of my short stories and a big, shiny cheque. I love money. And I love seeing my story in an actual book.

Then I got distracted and popped all the bubble cos sometimes I’m like a 2 year old.

I went to my storage space and got all my old clothes and I’m having a mammoth ebay sale to raise the money to buy new runners. Now I just have to take photos.

I took my cheque to the bank and while the girl processed it, she checked my accounts and said I paid far too much in bank fees (I knew that) so she changed it so I’ll be saving around $16 a month. I love her. She also wanted me to consider taking out a loan for a holiday!!! Yeah right.

I’ve got money coming in from all these different sources (although not big amounts, darn it) and I’ve been trying to make a budget but it’s so hard when the timing is all over the place. I think maybe I need to do a cash flow statement instead and get some use out of all those accounting subjects I did at uni.

I had planned on going to the R4TK training run but it was too hot so I napped instead then went to the gym. I only had an hour for my workout so had to rush. I did some bike and cross training then weights but couldn’t do the full weights workout. I figured the leg press and assisted chin ups were my priority since I can’t do those at home. I leg pressed 85 kgs this time. Woohoo!

Have you ever posted a comment on someone’s blog, thinking they were someone else? I just did that (not a weight loss blog) and have now realised it won’t make any sense to them and I’ll look like a moron. I can’t delete it either. Arrrgghh!

Today I’m going for a run then go-go class tonight. I don’t think anyone else is going to go-go class but that’s okay. I’ll be happy with my new go-go friends. After that it’s Prison Break and Heroes night. I spoke to Andrew last night and he said they have two trees full of apples in his yard so he’s going to bring me some apples plus make an apple crumble for dessert. Woohoo, sometimes those 20 hours I spent in the labour ward were worth it.


8 responses to “Good Things

  1. Good luck with the Go Go class, sounds like fun!

    I hope you will post us a link when you post your clothes on ebay? I’m desperate for new clothes 😉

  2. Do the publishers always send you a copy of the book that your story is published in?

    How cool would that be, having a shelf full of books all with your writing in them!!

  3. Congratulations on the book! I am looking forward to hearing about the go-go classes- am tempted to join you, but I don’t know if I am go-go enough.

  4. congratulations 🙂 how exciting!
    Are you doing the zoo run tomorrow? Maybe I’ll see you there

  5. You are a clever woman! As for the 20 hours in a labour ward… nothing is worth 20 friggin hours! EXCEPT A CUTE BABY I suppose. My longest labour was 5 hours, shortest was 39 minutes! And I’m still wondering if it was worth it! Maybe if I hadn’t had 6 and then 2 “bonus” kids I’d feel differently lol

  6. Congrats on the book, how exciting!!! Yeah that bubble wrap makes you do that doesn’t it 🙂

    P.S Btw, I do 5km at Princes Park by running from start to 3k peg then I turn around and run back to the 1km mark 🙂

  7. That is so exciting about your story!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS babe, that is awesome news to hear that you’ve been published and now paid even. YAY! I hope you liked the go-go class and that son of yours sounds like a great kid 🙂

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