Weigh In – 76.7 kgs

A loss this week, thank goodness. The scales didn’t move all week but they came through today and that’s what counts.

Because of feeling sick and other things, I didn’t get to run at all this week so last night I decided to head out. I dicked around so much that it got dark but I went anyway. Got to Princes Park and panicked a bit about running in the dark since I’ve never done that before.

I did one slow lap then one at a comfortable fast pace. I couldn’t see my watch and it doesn’t have a backlight so I couldn’t check my times as I ran so just tried to keep an even pace. I wanted to get under 21 minutes thinking I’d build up over the next few weeks (or more) to do it under 18 minutes. So finished my lap (well 3 km, just short of a lap) and checked my watch – 17:30 mins. There goes that goal. I think instead of trying to go faster, I want to maintain that pace for longer. That is my highly scientific method!

On the way home, there was a breatho set up. They didn’t pull me over but for some reason the thought of being tested on the way home from a run really amused me.

When I did my leg pressing last week, I told Andrew and he was like, yeah whatever. So I keep telling him and said I’m going to do it until he can at least fake being impressed. He managed a – that’s great, Mum – in a bored monotone.

Last night I got home and told my sister about my run. She was all like woohoo, that’s great. So now I’ve told her she has to give Andrew lessons cos she fakes it so well.

Okay, goal of the week. This week I want to have definite eating times rather than just grazing. I’m a terrible grazer and half the time it’s just habit. This week, when I go to eat something, I’m going to ask myself do I really want it and, if I do, I’ll take myself away from the computer and have meal time or snack time. The #1 step will be moving the fruit bowl out of reaching distance of the computer desk.

I keep thinking I should make quitting coffee a goal – I’ve gone from one a day to two or three – but not yet. My soul cries when I think of no coffee.

I feel so fine today. I jumped out of bed and did 20 minutes of yoga which was a fantastic way to start the day. Often I think about doing yoga but the thought of chucking on a long dvd workout puts me off but I’ve realised (der) I don’t have to do the whole dvd. Doing something beats doing nothing. Tomorrow I can do the warmup then a different section. It definitely makes the legs feel better after yesterday’s run.


12 responses to “Weigh In – 76.7 kgs

  1. Great work on the PB even if it was unintentionally- is 15 mins the new goal?? I get more sympathy and support on-line than at home!

  2. No more grazing. I like that goal. I’m going to give that a go too.

    I’ve tried to give up coffee. It just doesn’t work for me at all.

  3. I’m a constant grazer and because I’ve been ill and it TOM I’m using it as an excuse to eat crap. I even sent BB out in the middle of the Biggest Loser to get me ome chippies and choclate chip cookies!!! How terrible is that??? Then I sat there stuffing them all in during the weigh in bit

    I really am quite tragic…..

    Congratulations on the PB 😉

  4. I can relate to having no coffee, only with me it’s diet coke. Now instead of total denial, I have all I want on a saturday, and so far all I’ve wanted is 1-2 glasses full, so that’s great for me. Why should you have no coffee if you really love it? A small quantity is not going to hurt you.

  5. Jeeze, all these posts! Your blog is not updating on my bloglines for some reason??

    I hope you’re back to feeling 100%. This might sound like a no-brainer, but when was your last full-on medical? There may be a reason for these niggly illnesses that would take nothing to fix.

    I’ll be really keen to see how you find set meal times. I’ve been focusing on the same and while it’s easy during the day, night is more difficult. Maybe because I want to wait until I really feel like eating and really enjoy it, but whatever it is it throws out putting an end to eating by 8pm.

    And I hope it goes without saying, we want photos of you Go-Going ;o)

  6. Since my man gave up drinking, he drives around LOOKING for the checkpoints!

  7. Oh, yeah, giving up coffee? I just can’t go there.

  8. Nice time on the run! Yeah, all my family are useless at faking interest in my achievements…except my husband (lucky for him, or he’d be an ex-husband!).

    And I am NEVER giving up coffee!

  9. “Doing something beats doing nothing”

    Simple but brilliant. This is now my motto for the rest of the week. Thanks 🙂

  10. I am a grazer too. I hate it as I feel like I have ended the day having eaten nothing when, really I have chowed my way through enough food to feed Ethiopa for a week. I find coffee detrimental to weight loss as I have have have to have something sweet with it.

  11. If you were amused at the thought of having a breath test post run, try my scenario last Friday!! I pull up at the Tan on Alexandra Rd and am turning around to park on other side of road and I have a police woman waving the contraption at my window. Now I found that totally hysterical. She actually breathalysed me, I could not believe it!! I definitely don’t drink and run, lol!

    Congrats on PB 🙂

  12. I hope you’ve been able to curb the grazing! That’s what got me into trouble before the detox put me straight again. I reckon it’s all those damn chocobana balls too LOL 😛

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