Queasy Like Sunday Morning!

I just read this magificent quote:

Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often. Mae West

I love it. They are words to live by.

This week I want to try Go-Go dancing classes. I think I’ll rock at Go-Go dancing and yes, I am complete denial about my lack of rhythm and co-ordination but I do think I’d look hot in a pair of white go-go boots and that’s the main thing! And a sexy little fringy skirt!

So, for the girls at brunch today and anyone else who wants to come along (or if you want to stalk me because I’m totally stalk-worthy), here are the details:

Anna’s Go-Go Academy, Tower Hotel, 351 Wellington St, Collingwood. Tuesday. 7 pm. $12.

And don’t be sitting there thinking – I’d love to do that but I just couldn’t – well unless you don’t live in Melbs and the commute is an issue, because if I can do it, anyone can. Trust me.

I’m still feeling sick from Friday. Last night I went out for a few drinks then came home starving and heated up a curry for dinner. Not my smartest move! Ten minutes later, I downed some Nurofen and headed to bed. I’d planned to get up for an early morning run today but didn’t. But I’m totally going to the R4TK training tomorrow night. Well unless it is insanely hot.

8 responses to “Queasy Like Sunday Morning!

  1. another sarah ...

    Argh, I’d totally come with you as I’ve been dying to go go-go dancing for ages! Except the distance is an issue, I have to find the Sydney equivalent somewhere (if there is a Sydney equivalent!).

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I’ll have to do some serious research into interesting things to do in Wellington. What with go-go in Melbourne and trapeze in Sydney, I’m feeling very left out!

  3. Abso-fucking-lutely! Love that quote and I would so be there for the go-go dancing if I lived in Melbourne, it’d be so much fun. Photos please 🙂

  4. Aaaarrgh why do I always miss out on doing all the really cool stuff?? Go-go dancing would be sooo cool. Can you wake me up before you go-go!! Hahahahahahahaha, come on you knew SOMEONE would say it right?

  5. Will you be going there in a go go mobile. That’s gee oh, gee gee oh.
    Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I’m probably the only one laughing at that. Have fun. I’ll be with you in spirit.

  6. Wake me up before you go go?

    I’d love to come. Shame I’d have to be leaving in a couple of hours to get there with any hope of being upraight and coherent. 😉 LOL

    Hope you have an wonderful time of it!

  7. go go dancing sounds wicked and good on ya for getting people involved! have fun!

  8. You will look HOT!! Commute’s a bitch so I am one who will back out but want to know how it goes..

    And yes, I am with Sarah – will have to find a Sydney equivalent.

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