Go me!

Today at the gym I leg pressed 80 kgs. If you look at my Monday entry, you might notice my weight is less than 80 kgs. As in I leg pressed more than body weight (I have done this before but it was on one of those hydrolic weight machines so I didn’t really trust that I’d done around 100 kgs – this was using good old fashioned weight plates, you can trust those).

Of course, that is nowhere near as good as Kek, who can practically leg press a Mack truck, but it rocks my world!

I’ve been hearing lots of good stuff about pineapple juice and how it helps with muscle soreness so I had one after the gym. I don’t normally drink juice – I’d prefer my fruit intact – but it was super good (it also had banana, strawberries and something else) and gave me the energy for the 5 km walk home. I am the only person who feels like a slacker if I don’t walk to and from the gym as well as working out?

I also read on Morsey Runs about doing 8 second intervals. I’m not sure it they really are some kind of fat burning magic but it stopped me from getting into zone out cruisey mode, which I often do on the bike.

On Monday, I forgot to post my weekly challenge. I think this week’s will be to try a new class at the gym.


11 responses to “Go me!

  1. Well, I think 80kg is pretty bloody sensational! And hey, I wasn’t born LP-ing 200kg, ya know…that took me some time and training to work up to.

    You’ll hit the magic 100 in no time if you keep at it, Kathryn. Just go up 5kg at a time. I bet you’ll surprise yourself.

    Hmm, I heard that about pineapple juice too…somewhere.

  2. Is that really true about pineapple juice? This old bod needs all the help it can get, I shall get onto it 🙂

  3. Pineapple juice has an acid in it that is really beneficial for gout so I would trust that it maybe has some sort of anti-inflammatory properties.

    That is a fantastic leg press. I think that I will join the gym later in the year, once I get a bit of the weight off from walking.

  4. Well I can’t speak for others, but *I* certainly don’t feel guilty if I don’t walk to and from the gym! But now I kind of wish I did……

    What a fantastic milestone! Well done 😀

  5. Walk to and from the gym haha haha – Yeah freaking right. By the time I do my workouts (except UBWO) I am limping to the car! No way could I walk home.

    Great work on the leg press my dear. You can build on it to one day be like Kek.

  6. I too prefer my fruit intact, have been having heaps of fresh pineapple it’s so yum. And there is no way I’d walk to/from the gym, I always end up wet from my workout and sauna, that’s why I bought me scooter. LAZY TART THAT I AM.

  7. LOL and here I was feeling all impressed with my five pound leg weights for various things. You go girl! 80 kgs is awesome!

  8. WOW 80kgs is fantastic. And I love pineapple juice…*scribbles pine jc on shopping list*. Hope I remember what my code is in the morning LOL.

    Have a wonderful weekend and go you for no pizza on PB night 🙂

  9. Wow! if i benchpressed more than my weight then it would have to be a bloody mack truck!

  10. I’ve just started on the pineapple juice myself, I quite like it and my legs don’t seem too sore despite lots of running, so you never know, there might be some truth in it!

  11. walk to and fro to the gym?
    would take me all day 😀
    and I like getting a good two hour workout there as it is..

    well done- I reember the frist day I pressed over my weight- I was thrilled!
    the guy after me who was only doing half the strength wasn’t so taken with my acheivment however…

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