I didn’t get the pizza. I didn’t even feel like pizza later on. It’s good to not have pizza and even better to not have it because you don’t want it. I made some savoury mince with lots of vegies instead. I did have a Mint Slice Cornetto later though…oops!

I am so tired today. I don’t think I’m 100% well yet cos I just want to sleep. I’m thinking of actually skipping my run today and resting up. It kills me but last winter I kept pushing myself when I felt sick and ended up with in a constant state of half-sickness – not well enough to function properly and not sick enough to take to my bed. Must learn to rest!

Oh and I’m feeling much better about money – my mum rang this morning and told me she owe me $$$ that I’d forgotten about. I love that. Plus I’ve got a bit of work to do tomorrow then again next week. And cheques due to me for writing. All up, good stuff.

9 responses to “Stuff

  1. Hurray for money you didn’t know you had! I was excited when I found two bucks in my suit pocket today!

  2. Yum, that Mint Slice Cornetto sounds devine!!

    Rest up and listen to that bod of yours, it usually knows what it wants 😉

  3. I found a whole buck in me car when I was cleaning it the other day, gave it to Stew…. I want it back now! I only got $10 between me and the poor house at the moment… darn.

  4. Yay for mum’s. Last thing you need is a repeat of last year with all your colds and stuff – take care.

  5. YAY for not having the pizza. You are right – better to get properly better before you start to exercise otherwise you do land up not well but not really sick either.
    Have a good one !

  6. lol at chris! good choice on the no pizza thing i reckon! working for yourself is soooooooo much harder isn’t it?

  7. No pizza….good girl
    Cornettos…bad girl
    Unexpected money..lucky girl

  8. Good for you! Want it, have it, don’t want it, don’t have it.
    Who says you don’t intuitively eat :p

    Rest VERY important for good health and a constructive exercise regimen.

    Cheques for writing… {sigh} what does that feel like?

  9. Oh yeah, skip the pizza and have a mint cornetto instead. Yum!! Minty flavours are my fave.

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