Just to answer the questions – chocobana balls are like rum balls but with banana flavouring instead of rum. Oh and they have a malteser inside. Yum.

I realised yesterday that I’m having trouble with my goal this week of doing something nice for myself every day – not because I CAN’T indulge myself but because that’s all I do. All my time is ME time. I rock. Or maybe I’m just hella self-indulgent.

Like yesterday – I spent the morning editing my novel, popped down to my fave cafe for a coffee. Then I walked into the city, did a Body Balance class, went to Borders for a browse then came home and cooked dinner ready to watch my shows. How do I fit more me time into my already full me schedule?

The other thing is I’m not really a bubble bath and lotion kind of girl. Every time I run a bath, I get in then try to figure out what to do next. Bored.

Today though I have to go have an x-ray – they are still trying to figure out the headache thing. I haven’t had one lately but I have avoided upper body exercises, especially chin-ups and the like.


8 responses to “Me

  1. I read in the bath – magazines only though, don’t want to drop a precious book in the water.

    And music. You have to have music.

  2. Yep, I have to admit I get plenty of me time too! It makes up for all that time when spent running around after our kids…

  3. Mmmmm … my favourite pastime … browsing in Borders.

  4. Oh man… those chocobana balls sound divine. I won’t ask where they come from, otherwise I’ll be tempted to go there too!

    Hope they find out what’s causing the headaches with this xray darl.


  5. SUcky abotu the headaches. I wonder if you and I are sitting in the same boat. I am still struggling about once a week with one though. If I get stressed out or teary Im a gonner too.

  6. Well I’m not going to suggest doing something bad to yourself instead LOL. When we visit Melbourne, you will have to take me to try those balls!

  7. Yay for self indulgence, there should be more of it (although maybe not in YOUR life – LOL!)

    Hope your xray helps find the headache source… it’s hell to be wondering about something re: yr health and not being able to find out what’s going on.

  8. Haven’t you seen Sharon Stone in Sliver! bwooharhar

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