Brains and Prison Break

That’s my brain. Isn’t it hot? I am so impressed at having pics of my brain. I love xrays and all that kind of stuff that lets you look at your innards. When I had my gall bladder out I wanted to keep it but they wouldn’t let me. They said they needed to send it pathology for tests but later I saw the sausage sizzle out the front of the Alfred and I had my suspicions.

So last night I watched the rest of the first season of Prison Break. I’ve got the mad Prison Break watching skillz – I think it’s taken about 3 days to watch the whole season!

Tomorrow I’m getting season 2 up to the current ep off Andrew – I resisted the temptation of going over last night at 1 am.

I’ve got a few questions though that puzzle me about the show. Now I realise it’s TV and not real life (like anyone could use household bleach to remove colour without getting it blotchy and you so couldn’t concrete over a hole in the floor without it being noticeable) but what’s the deal with the death penalty?

Since we don’t have the death penalty here, I have no comprehension of how it works (well I know how it works – you kill someone – I just don’t get the legal process working up to that point).

What makes someone get the death penalty? Is it the seriousness of the crime or prior convictions or just the whim of the judge? Why would Lincoln Burrows get the death penalty and not someone like Teabag? Is it because he killed the VP’s bro? If so, doesn’t that contradict the US Constitution or whatever it is that says all men are created equal – surely meaning that killing the VP’s bro is the same as killing the average Joe on the streets?

Do they still actually use the electric chair? It seems awfully barbaric and I thought they used lethal injections (or does that depend on the state?)

If I was the producer of Prison Break, I’d have played Mercy Seat by Nick Cave during the electric chair scene (but then if I was getting the chair, I’d ask for them to play that).

I think that’s enough questions. If anyone from the US can answer this for me, I’ll be most grateful.

On the subject of telly, new ep of Supernatural tomorrow. Man I love those Winchester boys. And their dad. John Winchester is most definitely a DILF (I dunno if that’s a real term or if I just made it up but if you can have MILFs you can certainly have DILFs). It’s not wonder my weight loss has come to a halt – all I do is watch telly and perve on hot guys. Oh yeah and yah, Heroes is back from hiatus next week. I love that Peter Petrelli too. And Clare Bennett and Hiro Nakamura.

I actually did tear myself away from the tv to go for a run this morning. The weather is so deceptive. It didn’t feel hot but was might humid. When I got home, my socks were so sweaty I coulda wrung them out.


16 responses to “Brains and Prison Break

  1. Wow, what an attractive brain you have, Kathryn.

  2. We don’t have the death penalty here either so I can’t comment…

    I do however love your brain pic! You should have xmas cards made from it for this year!!!

  3. Look, I’m happy for you to talk about exploding brains, poos, any sort of bodily functions. It’s true, I’m no prude and I’m not squeamish. But wringing wet sweat socks – just the thought of it makes me gag!

  4. Great brain photo! I am terrified of Supernatural though I watch it and then sleep with the light on. It does make me run faster when it is dark!

  5. LOL @ sausage sizzle comment. Glad to hear the brain is ok.

  6. Sexy brain photo. Maybe you could become a brain model.

    Are the headaches persisting?

  7. I’m not from the US nor have I watched Prison Break yet, but here is some info I know about the death penalty over there:

    Each state in the US has it’s own rules about the DP – similarly it varies as to when it is applied and who can apply it, if mandatory or not etc. Most states have the option of life without parole, which can explain why two people convicted of murder would have different sentencing.

    Nebraska is the only state to still only use the electric chair, though a few others have it as optional (in most cases it is done through lethal injection).

  8. LOL at the sausage sizzle comment!!!!

  9. How bizarre! I love looking at xrays šŸ™‚ You crazy girl too with your Prison Break LOL. We had Wentworth Miller out here (Foxtel) late December and he spent Christmas in Melbourne but you’re after the other one aren’t you and the death penalty…*shudder*. I can’t believe people would want to watch the Saddam hanging, no matter how much of a bad ass mother fucker that man was. I think the man doing it is just as bad as the person they’re doing it to sadly. What a friggin’ job!!

  10. They don’t do that Sausage sizzle outside the Alfred anymore (thank god)..

  11. I don’t watch Prison Break myself, but my son/daughter are really in to it. They reckon that one of the blokes who serves at the fruit/nut stall in the deli part of the Vic Market is the dead spit of one of the PB guys – maybe you should check him out!

  12. I live here, and I still don’t know much about it, except when there’s a botched job, or an upcoming one and then the fruitcakes from both sides of the equation come out to play on the news.

    Here’s what wikipedia has to say about it:

  13. well, poo that link didn’t work. Sorry!

    I just goggled – death penalty in USA, wiki

    And it was the second hit that came up.

  14. I’m wit’ you on Mr Winchester – hubba hubba! (Also loves his part in Grey’s Anatomy *waaaa* I still tear up thinking about it).

    Haven’t got heroes here, but looks good.

    Also love prison break….

    It’s really quite lucky I don’t live down that way, or i’d be over at your house on the precept (?) of borrowing some sugar or something equally inane (?), just so that I could catch a perve. …. On the telly that is, not you…. Not that you’re not TOTALLY pervworthy or anything…. i’ll just shut up now, hey?

  15. Great that you have such a healthy brain!
    (I may never eat a sausage again!)

  16. The second season of prison break hasn’t started yet! No giving anything away now!

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