Weigh In – 77.6 kg

Yes, if you are real observant, you’d notice I’ve lost exactly zero this week. I dunno how that happened since every time I went on the scales in the last week I’ve been in the 76s. I figure it’s water retention. Damn you, water. Damn you sausages too.

I didn’t do much exercise today because I had another headache. I’ve been reading up about exercise headaches. All the stuff said they are harmless, then I read one thing that said see the doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms and one of symptoms was that the headaches are only on side of your head. I hate that side. At least tell me why that’s bad! Now I’m expecting my head to explode between now and going to the doctor tomorrow.

The plan for tomorrow is to get up and go for an early run before the hot starts, since it’s meant to be high 30s. I’m going to pop a Nurofen before my run and fix that headache before it starts. My doctor’s appointment is at 10.30 so hopefully I’ll keep my head intact until then.

I did well with my goal for last week – expect for that mini twirl last night. Other than that, all my treats were premediated. My goal for this week is to eat mindfully – a few times lately I’ve been eating and realised I could have stopped much earlier and been satisfied, but once that food has gone down your piehole, the damage is done (well unless you vomit it back up – ick!).

Oh yeah, another reason I could of been up in my weight this week is lack of sleep. I didn’t get to bed until 3.00 am last night because I’ve started watching Prison Break. Andrew told me to watch this ages ago (like before it came on telly here even) but I ignored him. Now I’m getting into it and have so much catching up to do (although I’d rather wait and binge watch than have to wait a week between episodes). Anyway, I couldn’t go to bed without finding out if the boyish charm and clever planning of Micheal Schofield was going to be enough to get him and his brother Lincoln out of jail. It’s just too nerve racking. I managed to tear myself away eventually. So far I’m seven eps into season 1 (so no spoiler comments or I’ll kill you!).


7 responses to “Weigh In – 77.6 kg

  1. Good luck at the docs tomorrow. Bit of a good perve in Prisonbreak don’t u think?

  2. OK, So it’s eat mindfully this week. I’ll have to start tomorrow because today was a disaster, so was yesterday with that chocolate cake.
    Hope the headaches resolve quickly.

  3. Hey Kathryn, I finally worked out how to create an account so I can post a comment on your blog ! Been reading for a while, but unable to post. Do you know what the most amazing thing about prisonbreak is – the amount of time it must have taken to do that damn tattoo for each shoot. My kids both adore this show.

  4. Good luck at the Dr’s. Hope they can help you with your headaches.

    Lack of sleep makes me retain fluid. I have a lot of trouble sleeping lately and on those nights my weight is up. Then when I have a good night’s sleep it goes back to normal. So annoying!

  5. I never knew that lack of sleep could contribute to weight gain? If only I could put all my weight gain down to that…… Gives me a bit more incentive to get to bed at more normal times and stop living on 4 or 5 hours sleep a night.

    Good luck at the docs, hope all is okay.

  6. Season 2 starts here next week.

    Word of the week – mindful

  7. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense but yeah, it could be a number of things so don’t get mental about it you hear! 🙂

    How did you go with the doctor???

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