At boxing class yesterday, I got the worst headache – a sharp pain (similar to an icecream headache) up my neck and side of my face. The same thing happened earlier in the week when I did an upper body workout. It’s a bit of a worry and I’ll be off to see either the doctor or the myotherapist this week.

Boxing rocked. There were only five of us in the class so we got a huge workout. One of the girls was a total PITA though. At one stage I had to pair up with her and she told me I wasn’t holding the focus pads properly – she goes ‘just because you’re tired, doesn’t mean you can’t do it right’ in the most arrogant tone. She was far better than anyone else in the class but I reckon she needs to be good – with that attitude, she’s had to learn to punch back!

At the moment I’m in love with mashed pumpkin. I eat pumpkin a lot but not usually mashed. It’s seriously good stuff. I also got some Pataks capsicum and coriander dip. Mix that over a bowl of mashed pumpkin and it’s instant yum! I’m also in love with salad and have been making a huge container for the fridge. Prolly not as healthy as making it fresh but heaps more convenient.


9 responses to “Pain

  1. criiiiikey! what a biaaatch! don’t you wish you could have kicked her into a bloody pulp. hehe.

    hope your head is on the mend soon… ‘ave a good weekend dude!

  2. Definitely get the pain checked out – the one in your head, not the one in your boxing class. She just needs a good slap!

  3. I would have kicked that girl in the ‘you-know-what’ if she said that to me. What a cow. Hope your visit to the doc sorts everything out.

  4. What a dickhead, just gotta laugh at stupid bitches like that and make sure you get that pain checked out. Sounds a little odd?? Mmmm pumpkin…yum yum!

  5. Hope your head is OK. Sounds nasty!

    I love pumpkin too.

  6. There always has to be one pain in the arse, doesn’t there??

    Hope you get your head sorted.

    Mmmmmm, mashed pumpkin, I love pumpkin in any shape or form 🙂

  7. She sounds like a right cow!

    The pain in your head doesn’t sound too flash, definitely get it checked out.

  8. Mashed pumpkin is delicious!

  9. In the spirit of international de-lurking week, I’m officially de-lurking and leaving you a comment finally! 😉

    I love boxing too – and while no bitch has ever had a go at me for the way I hold the pads, I’m sure they think it sometimes… I think I just don’t know how to hold them properly!!

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