Weigh In 77.6 kg

A gain this week. Not good at all but I figure I put most of that on camping. We eat good food but we ate a lot of it… plus booze. And, apart from the fun run, I did no exercise at all. I’d planned a long beach walk and bush run but the weather was too shitty.

I did well with my goal to drink more water. Water is definitely being drunk. Next week’s goal is to cut out sugary treats. I’m getting back into the bad habit of buying a little chocolate when I go to the servo or a few lollies at the milk bar. Mostly it’s habit and I don’t enjoy them.

Ails mentioned on her blog that it’s 12 weeks to the Run for the Kids. She’s inspired me to get my act together. I’ve decided I want to be at goal for the run. Much easier to lose the weight than to haul it over 15.2 kms.

I had a funny incident when I went away that I forgot to mention in my post below. Rather than have my friend detour out of his way to pick me up, we decided my sister would drive me to meet him somewhere on the way. He thought the Citylink toll office would work.

So, after my job interview, we went straight to the Citylink carpark to wait for him and I decided to get changed. After all, I’d look a real dick turning up to the camp site in an interview outfit. I popped up the hatch of the car and started changing. Luckily I’d worn a wrap dress with a cami underneath – very easy for quick changes. I pulled on my shorts and untied the dress then noticed a Citylink worker staring at me!

I stuck my head in the car and, before I could say anything, my sister says – yes, he’s checking you out. Arrrgghhh. Before you get any ideas that this is a good thing, I have to tell you the guy was freaky with an abnormally square head (and staring like a psycho). I pulled on a top then took off the cami without compromising my modesty and the whole time trying to ignore him.

Then I realised I needed an ATM to get some cash for my sister so I wandered off to look for one. The freaky guy came over and told me I couldn’t leave my car in the car park. I tried to explain I only wanted an ATM and he said okay, I could stay then walked off. My sister said he kept turning back to check me out. Creepy, esp since we realised he could prolly find out my address and other details from my car rego.

Luckily my friend rang just after that happened so I told him I’d meet him at the servo down the road instead – that way I’d have an ATM, coffee and no freaky dudes!


5 responses to “Weigh In 77.6 kg

  1. Hi Kathryn. Congrats on your run that is a real achievement. The camping sounds like it was fun too. Good luck with the challenge this week.lb

  2. Ooooh I hate freaky guys like that, at least your sis was here with you. How did the interview go then? I was 77.2 this morning so which is a loss of 0.9 since yesterday. I think my scales are stuffed!
    Have a great day.

  3. Oh man, it is always the creepy guy, I swear.

  4. You saucy wench!

    Good on you I say, Kathryn.At least you probably had a cute cami on.Unlike the blokes who get changed out of their wetsuits in the carpark at the beach,wearing speedo’s that are kind of saggy round the bum..and the front..proving yet again that if there’s a god, she’s female and spends a lot of time pointing and giggling.

  5. Oh god, too funny! Who’s the freak 😉

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