I’m about to go off camping for the weekend – heeeeeeelp! Last time I left the city I got lost in the bush for hours, not to mention freezing almost to death! I don’t cope well with nature.

Tomorrow I’m doing the Lorne Mountain to Surf run. It’s meant to be 35 degrees so I reckon that surf will look mighty fine at the end of it! I plan to jump straight in.

I’ve been totally organised and under control then got asked to go in for an interview this arvo so everything is thrown out of wack, but think I’ve got the main things. I don’t have a torch but don’t plan on going ANYWHERE alone.

I’ll be back Sunday… hopefully. Wish me luck!


17 responses to “Camping

  1. Camping? Have you gone MAD? The only way I’d go camping these days is if the tent contained a king-sized bed, aircon and ensuite-everything. And to think I used to be a top-notch Girl Guide!

    Good luck with the interview, the run AND any torchless nocturnal adventures.

  2. Good luck for the run…and the camping!

  3. Good luck for the run kathryn, sounds like it is going to be a doozy. I am so glad that the weather on Saturday will be a little bit cooler for the Portsea Classic.

  4. Umm – Good Luck??? LMAO

  5. I have never been camping, and will never ever do so – i am scared of being outdoors because i am such a sook I hope you have a brilliant time though

    and i hope the interview goes well 🙂

  6. I’m with kek on the camping. My idea of camping is staying in a semi dodgy motel!

    But have fun anyways!

  7. Good luck Kathryn – have a great run.

  8. Hope you have a fabulous time!

    Best of luck with the run and delish swim afterwards.

  9. Don’t go out of sight of the tent!

  10. Hope your i/v went well, and that we don’t hear about “Melbourne woman, KathrynOh, has been lost in the woods for 7 days now” on the news. ROFL

    Camping can be fun…*hysterical laughter*

    Take LOTS of booze..actually, after yr comments about getting lost perhaps that’s NOT A GOOD IDEA!

  11. Good luck! More for the camping than the running…. ewwww (I just don’t DO tents)!

  12. Good luck with the run and even more good luck for the camping !!!!
    Hope you had a great time.

  13. Hey Kat,
    Best of luck! It’s far too bloody hot for that sort of rubbish (camping and running)…I commend (commit?)you 🙂

  14. Ooh good luck! And drink LOTS of water!!! Can’t wait to hear all your adventures when you get back.

  15. Oh hey, good luck! Have fun!

    Can’t believe you are running in this heat! Hope you are enjoy it though – you’d have to feel very stoic and virtuous for completing a long run in such conditions! It would make that swim all the more delicious though.

    My Dad always used to love going for long runs up and down steep hills where we lived in the really hot weather like this… we always thought he was out of his mind.

  16. Man, if I lived in Melbourne…I’d be asking to go with you! It’ll be fun and you might actually be surprised by how much of a camper you turn out to be 🙂

  17. Gosh that came around fast, I remember when you first posted about this!

    Have a great run and awesome swim afterwards…. and oh, good luck with the camping, lol!

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