Good Things

Last night some friends came over for dinner. The best kind of friends – they bought the food and cooked it then washed up! You gotta love that. We went for a run before dinner – well it ended up being more of a walk since I’m having running shoe issues – but managed 13 km around the city circle trail (that is 6.5 km then home).

Yesterday my housemate moved his car from the front of our house for the first time in 12 months. Since he has 3 cars, he seems to rotate them and I swear he does it at like 3.00 am so no one else can ever park there. So I saw the space and quickly moved my car. Now my car is out the front and I’m never moving it again.

Things are turning to a war zone here – yesterday the housemate woke us up hammering the side fence (right outside our bedrooms). Since it was 9.30, we couldn’t really yell at him. Then we went out and shut the front door so he got pissy because he’d gone out without his key. Tough shit, I reckon. If he doesn’t have the sense to take his key with him, it’s not my problem. Oh yeah and he’s stolen the plug from the kitchen sink!

I made the yummiest french toast for breakfast this morning. I had it with a little yoghurt and stewed fruit. Yummo!

Tonight we’re off to see M Ward at the Corner Hotel then I think NYE will be a quiet one. NYE tends to be such a sucky night out so the plan is to go to the bar down the street (the same thing I do every weekend). I can’t deal with trying to get anywhere else plus I hate all the drunken yobs around so a few quiet ones then home sounds good to me.

7 responses to “Good Things

  1. Your housemate needs to be seriously punished. What a jerk.
    Hope you have a great NYE, I wish I could have a quiet one. I can’t even think about drinking or eating. Haven’t had a drink since Boxing Day (yeah I know it’s not THAT long ago but for me that is a big [albeit forced] achievement). I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work and routine and normality so much now. Sad isn’t it?
    Good luck keeping your car space, I reckon you’ve started a war there! hehe

  2. Damn, it really sucks living with people you don’t like. Definitely not good for your psyche!! Can you and you sister find another place to live together instead? I know you don’t want to move but it might end up getting really nasty and you don’t need that kind of angst.

    We’re planning on a quiet NYE too with drinks at a friend’s house. Have a good one!!

  3. Gosh Kathryn, your housemate sounds like he has a serious problem!!

    Have a great NYE šŸ™‚

  4. LOL about the car space. I would hate living with someone like that. Have a great New Years Eve whatever you end up doing.

  5. Your housemate is unbelievable. It’s just horrible to live in an otherwise great place with a total arsehole ruining it all for you.

    A quiet NYE sounds the way to go. Tom and I walked back from our local last night and discovered heaps of places around the corner from us that we can see the Harbour Bridge and the fireworks. I can’t even be bothered going out unless it’s down the street. I just can’t stand all the dickheads on the streets or in nightclubs.

  6. What a fucking wanker! Steal the plug? What’s his issue? Has he actually got mental issues? Ok patience eludes me and I don’t even live there. It is time to start making his life hard. There is 2 of you and one of him. You can easily make him wish he lived elsewhere if you put your mind to it I’m sure, In fact why not blog for annoying ideas.

  7. I love Jadey’s comment..make his life hard!!

    Hope you have a great New Years xxx

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