I’m feeling a bit better now. I had a most productive day doing edits on my novel then went for a 10k run – all good things for clearing the head.

I’ve had a lot of worries on my mind lately – money stuff and job issues. On one hand I want to start earning the cash but on the other I want to get my novel finished and I want to have the time do it without fitting it in around work – I’ve done a first and second draft that way and I think it lacks cohesiveness because of it. But since I edited so well today, I’m predicting a mid-Jan finish which is around when the job market should be starting to open up again after the hols. Nice timing indeed.

Another worry is the word on the street says our owners are going to be selling our house. Arrgghh… for all it’s faults, I don’t want to move. I love living in this neighbourhood (although not so keen on living on a main road with cars blaring doof music all night) and i love the cheapness. I’ve just been checking out the Tenant’s Union website and they have to give us 60 days notice after the house is sold so have at least 3 months before it really becomes an issue.

Then there is my housemate. I’m going to kill. I just need to do some research on the grounds for temporary insanity pleas. His selfishness and lack of personal hygiene is one thing but I’m also starting to think he’s not playing with a full deck.

I’ve got all my toiletries in a drawer in the bathroom. A few weeks ago, I noticed the lid had come off my Fudge hair dye and it had leaked in the drawer. Normally I’m extra careful because it’s such messy stuff but figured maybe, just maybe, I’d been in a hurry and not put the lid on properly. So I cleaned up the mess and forgot about it. About a week, later the lid had come off again. Obviously someone has been into it and is being a bastard.

I think he’s got away with a lot of shit because we’ve always had other housemates so you can’t pin the blame on anyone but recently there’s just been the three of us in the house so it’s obvious who is the culprit.

For at least a year, we’ve had toilet issues – he doesn’t flush so I talk to him about it and things are fine for a month or so then it starts again. Today I asked him, yet again, to flush the toilet. I really think you should not have to ask someone over the age of three to flush the toilet ONCE, let alone multiple times. He swears it isn’t him. Yes, we have a peeing poltegist. Who know that non-corporeal beings even needed to go?

On top of all the issues I have to constantly nag him about, there are so many things that bug me that I can’t really say anything about – you can’t tell someone NOT to fry food in the kitchen even though it’s so frigging messy, you can’t tell someone they shouldn’t own three cars and keep two of them for storage and park them in the spots outside the house so other people have to park right down the street, you can’t tell people not to talk to you because you are sick of hearing about their bloody prostate issues. Well you can, but murder seems like a far simpler option.

NB: I’m worried now that I’ve posted this that something’s going to happen to him and I’ll be the #1 suspect, so I’ll put a disclaimer there that when I say I’m going to kill my housemate, I don’t mean it at all literally.


11 responses to “Better

  1. 10k – YAY!

    Not flushing the toilet – Eeewwww!!

  2. oooh jeez, i think it would justifiable homicide, or whatever they call it. what a grotty fucker!

    sorry to hear about your worries of late… but good on ya for all the work on your novel. i hope we all get to have a squizz someday! 🙂

  3. Ugh, what a complete tool your housemate is. Where on earth did you find him?

    Don’t worry about the murder thing – I’ll give you an alibi….

  4. Yeah you do and I want to *kill* your flatmate too now!! It brings up some of my unpleasant memories. Dirty bastards. Luckily Dan is house trained LOL.

  5. He sounds awful. Just remember a good friend will help you move and a great friend will help you move a body. Hope it all sorts itself out without violence!
    Great work with the 10km run.

  6. Yup total f’n tool! Selfish bastard. Needs a lesson or 2 in life.

  7. This housemate.. YUCK! Maybe a milder form of revenge is required.
    Congrats on the 10k.

    Happy New Year, wishing you love and light for 2007

  8. Oh the joys of living with a prostate problemed peeing poltergeist!

    Don’t you just love how blokes will deny at all costs until they are so totally busted lying that they can deny no longer? Or is that just my experiences? LOL!

    Hope your editing just flies past so that you can go to all the effort of finding work only to hear that your novel has been bought by some HI-UGE publishing house and they want to give you millions and a ten book deal!

  9. I would go off my rocker if I had to share house with someone like that! Yep, it’s bringing up my bad memories of housemates and being the bad housemate myself, but I don’t think I encountered anyone like that. Ewww.

  10. Speaking of crazy housemate toilet stories, my friend and her boyfriend were housesharing in NZ with a couple of freaks who actually asked them to pee more quietly. No joke!!

  11. Oh my god – do you live with MY housemate???? We have almost exactly the same issues – he doesn’t flush the toilet, his personal hygiene leaves a LOT to be desired, he always uses other people’s food and stuff! I totally sympathise with you and if you need an alibi, I’ll gladly provide you with one. As long as you’ll do the same for me!

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