Fun and Games

I went to Andrew’s after the market yesterday and played on the Wii (the new nintendo console). It rocks so hard. Normally I’m crapola at gaming – I find the controllers hard to co-ordinate with my brain – but the Wii is so much fun. It’s not actually his Wii though; somehow he’d managed to convince his mates to leave theirs (he had TWO of them) while they were at work. Damnit, I wanna play more.

I finally got some money I’ve been waiting on this week so was a bit flush for a while. Spent almost all of it on Christmas pressies though so none left over for me. At least I’ve got the present buying out of the way though so that’s a good thing and paid for some of my upcoming fun runs.

It’s so damn hot in Melbourne at the moment. I slept most of the day. I seem to be getting into this horrible pattern of late nights and early mornings until I just crash and burn. I spent all day yesterday running around like a mad thing – Preston market in the morning then picking up the freezer for my sister then taking her to an appointment, playing the Wii, back home to change and head out to Mt Waverley to visit a friend for a run around Jells Park (a very short, slow run in the heat), home again.

I’d planned an early night but my sister and I decided to make a new tape for the car (yep, cutting edge technology here) and we wanted a playlist of embarassingly bad, yet oh so good songs – lots of foreigner and REO speedwagon and eagles and stuff like that. So I didn’t get to bed until 3.00 am. Oops.

I’ve worked out my new years resolutions for 2007 – it’s coming fast, isn’t it. I’ve got three:

  1. Get my weight down to 65 kgs (this was going to be lose 10 kgs but I figure I don’t know my 2007 start weight yet so could be less)
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Get my novel finished and published.

I think that’s definitely doable.

5 responses to “Fun and Games

  1. The Wii sounds cool, but I have a PS2 I don’t even have time to use so i’m not even looking at it. The old me would have bought one already (that’s the me without kids – not the ancient me!!hehe).
    Hope you’re having a great weekend. That tape sounds awesome, I love all those old songs and singing in the car to crappy but fab songs is so much fun!

  2. The Wii is on my 8years old Christmas list which I think Santa will bring him :-).

    Good luck with those NY resolutions. I am still thinking about mine. I never seem to keep mine which is really annoying.

  3. Yay I bought the Eagles best of cd the other day – they have to come back into fashion soon! Hee hee

  4. I love the look of the wii – it’s the first gaming thing I have actually WANTED. Oh other than the eye toy. That too. Give me interaction!

    When you worked at Timezone as a kid you really need to step up when it comes to computer games.

  5. Eagles are one of my guilty pleasures as well. Only know a couple of foreigner songs, and WTF is REO speedwagon? LOL

    The only game I can play on PS2 is a modern version of space invaders called strikers. Love it!

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