The Hello Kitty Advent Calendar Massacre

I did a bad thing last night. I violated Hello Kitty. After 6 days of good Advent calendaring, I binged and finished the whole thing off. Advent calendars – never a good idea. I wish I had a camera so you could see the gaping holes that remain.

The whole problem was that I’d eaten very few calories all day, not by design, then went for a big run. After that I had some chilli for dinner and even had a couple of spuds to fill me full of carbs but it wasn’t enough. Oh yeah and I had my period. ‘Nuff said.

Then today I had to go to Baker’s Delight and I got some date and coffee bread. I now call it Evil Bread, it’s just too delicious.


There is something that is really shitting me at the moment. Why the hell do stores put out catalogues then, when you go to buy stuff, they don’t have the stuff in the catalogue and the people in the shop have no idea what you are talking about? Surely that’s just a waste of money. That happened with my mum’s potential present, but then the girl in the shop seriously would not have known her arse from a hole in the ground. She gave bimbos a bad name.

Then today I went to KMart to get a freezer for my sister. They had freezers in their catalogue but were sold out. The girl told me to go to Campbellfield. I have no idea where that is but I’m pretty sure it’s a long way away. I asked her if they had any at Greensborough and she didn’t know – that made me even madder. It was good enough for her to ring the Campbellfield store for someone else but not for her to ring Greensborough for me!

I stormed out in disgust which made me even madder because I’d wanted to buy this cool cowboy hat and a pirate disguise kit for my sister and a Mario mask for Andrew but I left them behind in my hissy fit.

On the way home, I stopped at a little shop a few blocks from my house and got one heaps cheaper than KMart so I felt totally vindicated.

By the way, I’m not so rich or generous that I’d buy my sister a whole freezer. It a family present but I’m doing the running around.

I had something else to rant about but I’ve forgotten what it is. Maybe I should change the name of my blog from iDiet to iRant and Talk a Lot of Shit.

7 responses to “The Hello Kitty Advent Calendar Massacre

  1. I heard a rumor that Hello Kitty has been violated before, so I think you are okay 😉

  2. Rant away Kthryn, I am sure it uses up calories. LOL at Hello Kitty, I raided a xmas present on Wed that kept calling me to steal the choccies from it, perfectly allowable at times like this.

  3. KMart are so crap! That happens to me all the time – I arrive before they open on the first day of the advertised sale and they don’t have whatever it is I want from their catalogue.

    Then they give you attitude about it when you dare to ask for a raincheck and point out (with a smirk) that the catalogue says “no raincheck”. I love to point out to them that there is such a thing as false advertising. And that I’m not afraid to call Consumer Affairs….

    I’m a cranky consumer today. And I’m going Christmas shopping. Grr.

  4. I was thinking along the similiar lines about catalogues and shopping. Why do they run out of stock at this time of year. Don’t advertise it if you’ve only got 5 of the things to sell… p*sses me off.
    Campbellfield is the massive 24hr Kmart just at the Sydney Rd/Hume Hwy junction past Fawkner Cemetary. Massive.

  5. The Campbellfield store sucks pretty badly, I’ve been there before. It’s up on the Hume Highway way out near Craigieburn. K-mart used to be good, now it’s pretty shitty quality stuff, and not all that cheap. Target used to be cheaper too, now they’re like the David Jones of the cheap stores. Sheesh!

    Rant away! Better to rant than to kill the anger with food in ya gob.

    Well, Hello kitty has said Goodbye. Don’t have to ponder ravishing her sexy innards anymore, she’s already given you all she’s got to give. lol

  6. Sometimes they do that on purpose so you come into the store and buy other stuff. My brother used to work for a store that did that. This is the reason why I refuse to buy anything from them 🙂

  7. iRant has a really cool ring to it, I reckon.

    I’ve learned that peanut M&M buckets are the devils work and should NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be stored in your fridge under the guise of present giving. Last year I had to re-buy several buckets over the course of December coz we kept unwrapping them whenever an urge hit, and then once they’re open…. well, you know the rest. Maybe I should just get me an Advent calendar, it’d be a whole lot kinder on the hips! LOL!

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