Taggy McTaggart

I’m being tagged all over the place so thought I’d better get my butt into gear on this one, but first I’ve got to tell you about my current brilliant idea.

Miniature cows.

I was going to get one as a pet then I realised I could milk it but my Ma said I need to get it knocked up to get milk so BINGO! Cattle breeding. I know heaps about breeding cows on account of my grandad had mad cow farming skillz. I know you can’t let them eat clover which is a total pain cos our backyard is full of the stuff and that they get mastitis so you have to rub stuff on their teats. My sister’s offered to handle the AI and birthing parts of it on account of ‘it’s fun’ (her words, not mine).

I figure I can hide my cows in the laundry when the landlord comes over and when the backyard is bare of feed, I can talk them grazing along the Merri Creek. I will put them on a lead.

The only setbacks are I can only find stuff on Minature Herefords and I totally want a Fresian since I have the outfit to go with it and I need $20,000 to get my first head of cow. Plus I need a totally cute cowherding outfit, something like the awesome cowgirl costume I had as a kid I’m thinking. Plus some electric fencing. I don’t really need that but it would be hella amusing when the housemates go near the cows.

I’m going to call my first one Moona Lisa.

Okay Michelle tagged me for my top five Christmas songs which is hard for me because I had Christmas songs mostly. Especailly Last Christmas by Wham! That song doesn’t make sense. It’s like ‘Last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away. This year to save me from tears, going to give it to someone better…’ or something like that. But if you gave something away last year, you don’t have to give away this year, unless you totally bin-scabbed it. Actually I could totally believe bin scabbing of George Michael.

  1. Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt. I think Kylie did a cover of this a few years ago but – boo hiss, Kylie. Btw I read in the paper yesterday that Dannii is going to be hosting a talent reality show soon. I nearly exploded from the irony. But Eartha rocks and so does this song.
  2. Walking In My Winter Wonderland – because you can sing walking in my winter underwear instead and it’s funny.
  3. And so this is Christmas, War is Over… whatever, you know that song by John Lennon.
  4. The Final Countdown by Europe
  5. That Christmas Song by Kevin Bloody Wilson

The only time I ever owned any Christmas music was Andrew’s first Christmas. I lived in Hobart and had to run into the city and do some last minute shopping before driving to the other end of the state. When I got home, Andrew had a Christmas tape in his pram! Theiving lil bugger. I didn’t have time to return it so setting him on a life of crime.

The other meme is via Kada:

4 Jobs I’ve Had

  1. One time when I was very poor, I rang up about a job being a ‘patient’ for medical student exams. It paid really well but I had to have about 40 wanna doctors do a breast examination on me!
  2. Phone psychic
  3. Computer Nerd
  4. Public servant

4 Movies I watch over and over

  1. Royal Tennenbaums
  2. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  3. Wolf Creek
  4. Rocky (and woohoo, the new Rocky movie comes out in Jan. I’ve been holding out buying the box set until this is released. Plus the dude who played Jess in the Gilmore Girls plays Rocky’s son. Hot!)

4 places I have lived

  1. North Hobart
  2. Footscray
  3. St Kilda
  4. Northcote

How boring am I, having to name the different suburbs of Melbourne.

4 Tv Shows I watch

Like Kada, I don’t often watch tv but I buy stuff on DVD (or download it). Boo for network tv.

  1. Veronica Mars.
  2. Buffy
  3. Supernatural
  4. Gilmore Girls – this show bugs the shit out of me and I hate Lorelai Gilmore but I have to watch it to yell ‘you’re too good for her’ every time Luke comes on screen. Cos you know that makes all the difference!

4 Places I’ve been on Vacation

  1. London, Paris, parts of Ireland and Barcelona
  2. SE Asia – Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam
  3. Utah, LA, Las Vegas
  4. Apollo Bay

4 Websites I visit Everyday

  1. Bloglines
  2. Ausrun forums
  3. Myspace (yes, sad I know)
  4. www.bom.gov.au – I need to know the weather!

4 Favorite Foods

  1. Chocobana balls
  2. Andrew’s chicken casserole – I haven’t had this in years but it’s his speciality: layers of thinly sliced potato and chicken breast (sometimes with a tin of peas and carrots added as a passing reference to vegetables), can of cream of chicken soup over the top and a cheesy crust.
  3. Raisin/fruit toast – only if it’s the fancy stuff with big hunks of dried apricot and stuff like that in it.
  4. Apricots at the moment, and pink lady apples and nectarines and strawberries and raspberries and plums and watermelon. Let’s just say “fruit”. I think that covers it.

4 Places I’d rather be right now

  1. Sitting at the pool bar at on a tropical island with a margarita in my hand
  2. In bed asleep
  3. Mexico
  4. My cattle ranch in the backyard

4 Favorite Band/ Singers

  1. Beth Orton (I’m playing one of her CDs right now so that requires little thinking)
  2. Beasts of Bourbon
  3. Bruce Springsteen
  4. Flaming Lips

4 Bloggers I’ll tag: (if you’ve already done it, or don’t wish to, that’s fine!)


Smaller Sue




7 responses to “Taggy McTaggart

  1. I love the idea of owning miniature cows, but as an American, I had a brief start when you said your grandad had “mad cow farming skills”…it took me a second to realize your grandad didn’t raise cows with mad cow disease, but rather he was a cow whisperer. Ha!

  2. oh man, i busted a gut laughing at this entry of genius 🙂
    the cows, george michael, the final countdown… the hits just kept on coming!

    your son’s casserole sounds good and so does this fancy fruit toast you speak of! doesn’t sound like that stuff from woolies in the purple wrapper (i forget what it’s called!)

  3. 3 words – ‘Mad Cow Disease’. Very funny.

  4. Bwahahaha….you cow whore! Hide them in the laundry when the landlord comes over LOL and Linda’s got me ROFLMAO. I hope that’s the right acronymy thingy.

  5. mwahahaha please tell me you can’t really get miniature cows? Or if you can, please show me a picture!!! I want one too!!!!!! I’m sure I could fit it on my balcony?

  6. Awww, shucks! You’re the first person to o-fishully tag me! And everyone knows how much I hate memes (NOT, i’ve got about 10 sitting there as drafts waiting for lazy days to post them – LOL)…

    I think that you’re onto something with the miniature cows. Electric fences are FUN!

  7. Geez I HAVE been slack and away for a long time, sorry!
    Do the little cows come with their own inbuilt attachments for rotisserie placement? Mhhhmmm yummy – little cows!! I’ll have a couple! hehe

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