When A Stranger Calls

Someone rang me at 2.00 am last night. When I answered the phone, they hung up so I assume it was a wrong number. Lucky for them, their number didn’t come up on my phone or they’d be getting a return call tonight! It really scares me getting calls in the middle of the night because it’s never going to be good.


Because we actually had some cash today, we went for a slap up lunch at our fave cafe. Then we went for a swim. Who’d have thought Mum was right? You do get cramps if you don’t wait long enough after eating! I always thought it was one of those things mums say to stop you having fun.

Oh and I did 400 metres of the pool today. I only managed 300 metres last week. Okay so I’m the most rubbish swimmer ever but at least I keep going… unlike Ian Thorpe 🙂

(I can’t believe I made a sport’s joke although I did have to think about it, I was going to say Keiren Perkins… oops)

My eating has been much improved lately even with the slap up lunch. I’ve been making myself stick to designated meal and snack times rather than just eating willy-nilly. I still have many issues about eating when I’m bored or need a distraction and since I’ve been spending most of my days writing at the moment, I need distracting a lot. I reckon writing is the most calorific way to spend your time ever because you need to get up and wander heaps.


Mostly I don’t watch tv and I’m not just saying that. About half way through the year my sister and my son wanted to watch two games of football at the same time – one on regular tv and one on cable – so they borrowed my tv for the regular game. I’ve never tuned it bac in since. I use it to watch dvds, that’s about it. Sometimes I watch cable in my sister’s room and sometimes I watch shows that she or Andrew download from the internets.

About a week ago, my sister download Supernatural. We started watching it and agreed it was total rubbish but kept watching it and got hooked. The thing is you don’t watch it despite it being crap, you watch it because it’s crap.

Okay, maybe a little bit for the eye candy. And it’s educational too – I know so much more about fighting off malevolent demons now (rock salt). So we watched all of season one and then watched season two up to the current episode.

So, you say, what the hell does that have to do with dieting and weight loss and all that other stuff your blog’s about? Well it got to the stage where I had to have a snackfood after every episode and, with 24 episodes a season, that’s a lot of snackfoods in total.

But now I’m fighting that malevolent snackfood demon – not with rock salt but with distractions. Rather than grab another paddle pop, I’ve been grabbing the sketch book and pencils and drawing. It keeps me busy and within my calorie limits, plus I’m creating something beautiful (lolz) or at least some Christmas gifts that don’t tap into my steadily depleting fundage.


5 responses to “When A Stranger Calls

  1. Hey I reckon if you filled your mouth with rock salt it probably WOULD stop you snacking. Plus you’d get the added bonus of upping your water intake!!! LMAO at the post you left on my blog! hehe

  2. lol at Bri. Well done on the swimming.

  3. I’m with you on the eye candy in Supernatural – and no calories at all!

    Bummer to midnight phone calls, tho, like you say…never good news. My man’s drunken mother rings up middle of the night quite a bit (obviously can’t figure out the time difference btw here and Sydney), and I just hang up on her ass! How rude!

  4. I haven’t had a paddle pop in years! Do they still have banana flavour?

    Good on you for the wanderings, my distractions when writing tend to be the internet. Makes the bum spread wider than the world wide web. lemme tell ya!

    Good on ya for the swimming. Any improvement’s a good one. 🙂

  5. Bri is sick I tell ya, sick! 😉 It’s great that you are drawing instead of snacking now.

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