More Running

Today I went for a run at Princes Park and to make it interesting, I thought I’d do 1 km easy then 2 km hard and repeat. I wanted to run the 2 km in 12 mins (6 min/km pace) since I figure that’s about as fast as I can run.

So I set off on the first 2 km section then had to stop to do up my shoelace. Dang! I felt like I was doing a hard yet comfortable pace (I’m actually starting to understand that term) but wasn’t sure if I could make it in 12 mins. Got to the marker and checked my watch – 11:13. Oh my.

I jogged very slowly for the next km, thinking I couldn’t beat that time and that I’d actually be a lot slower having shot my load but took off for the next 2km trying my hardest. I actually pushed myself as hard as I could for the last 1/2 km, prolly too fast since I finished up feeling rather like vomitting. But I did it in 10:48.

I know that’s not fast for a lot of runners but it’s much faster than I ever thought I could run. I think what made the difference is that today for the first time since I had my big, rib-bruising fall I’ve felt confident in staying on my feet. It’s only when I started relaxing that I realised I’ve been tensing up quite a lot when I run and, of course, that leads to get tired more easily and getting all stiff and sore. I really loosened up a lot today and had the most enjoyable run I’ve had in a long time – well apart from the vomit feeling but I soon got over that.

I’ve been reading a few of the articles on this site (Chi Running) and really want to get the book when I have spare funds for things like running books. In the meantime, I’ve been reading snippets of it in Border’s Cafe.


8 responses to “More Running

  1. having shot my load


  2. compared to my times Kathryn that is faster than a speeding bullet. Good ofr you.

  3. Kathryn that is amazing!! Well done. Did you figure out how well you did in total for the 6km?

  4. You actually make running sound sorta fun…

  5. I’ve never timed my runs but you make me want to!! I love that you’re so aware of your abilities and can compare how far you’ve come. Well done 🙂

  6. I agree with the other girls and am inspired. I really appreciate the way you look at things you do and not just from a physical perspective.

    The Chi things looks like something I want to read up on so thanks for the link and while I was doing my yoga study the other night, I came across Yoga for Runners. Not sure if you’d be interested but here is the link –

  7. That Chi Running is very interesting – I think I might learn a lot from it. Thanks for posting that link!

  8. Hey babe, I’ve been trying to email you today but it keeps bouncing back saying it just can’t deliver. Curious?

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