If ever you are in the CBD and you see an eatery called Lord of the Fries, you might be tempted by their witty, punning name and their promise of freshly cooked fries with a variety of sauces. You might think, sure it’s not the healthiest choices but I’ve got some credit in my calorie piggy bank, so why not? You might even think the fries with gravy and cheese sound like a super smashing idea.

Now I’m going to tell you why you should resist. Because they aren’t worth it. Trust me, there is no way they can freshly cook chips and have them ready so quickly. There is not way they can freshly cook chips and make them so soggy. The cheese is that tasteless pre-grated stuff and the gravy is too salty.

Walk on past and get something good for ya. I know cos I’ve been there. And that’s the type of generous and caring person I am – taking one for the team so you don’t have to waste your calories on bad takeaways.


11 responses to “Fries

  1. I hate it when you have something naughty and it’s SO not worth the calories. It sucks the big one.

  2. I was in Melb last weekend and saw that place and had a chuckle. For a second my sister & I paused out front then we both shook our heads and walked on. I’m glad I did now.

  3. Thanks for the tip. Things never usually taste as good as you think they will (except for cup cakes & beer of course)!!

  4. They sound awful. What a waste of tummy space but it is an interesting concept. Nick has a lot of people wanting sweet chilli sauce/mayo combo or gravy. In Perth I think everyone eats chips with gravy.

  5. How very selfless of you Kathryn, saving us all like that…

    I remember ordering the hugest plate of nachos at the Hard Rock Cafe and really looking forward to them. They turned out to be covered in that tasteless American cheese. 😦 SUCH a waste of perfectly good calories!

  6. Bwahahaha….and I agree with Pink Lotus!

  7. oh that sounds sooo disapointing, i still dont think u can beat McDs fries, but thats just me!

  8. There’s nothing worse than wasting calories on shit food 😦
    Well there probably are worse things, but anyway.

    Aside from your general charcoal chicken chips with chicken salt, I’ve decided the absolute best chips in Melbourne are from Grill’d. With sweet chilli mayo dipping sauce. Mmmmmm..

  9. I ate chips yesterday and I was amazed at how much I didn’t care for them. This was one of my favourite foods and now I find them just so average. Unless there’s something fantastic about them and there a good chunky sized chip (I loathe french fries) I just won’t bother.

  10. dude, you’re alive! i read your site via bloglines and it only just showed a whole week of entries. i will have to go back to manual checking!

    and three cheers for your run 🙂 woohoo!

  11. Totally agree with you! Their fries SUCK! And so do their sauces. I was so disappointed. Bring on Best Legs

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