Rants and Raves

Since I rarely watch free to air TV (woohoo for the internets), I rarely see ads but last night I caught a doozy. If you text your name and the name of your love interest to the special number and, for a few $$$, you can find out your % compatibility.

Okay, who does this? And how can they be capable of using a mobile phone? How can they be capable of getting out of bed and dressing themselves and breathing?

If actually culling these people is wrong, can we at least sterilise them so they aren’t adding to the gene pool?

Btw if you are ever tempted to text this number, just send me $20 and I’ll show you how to work it for yourself. For an extra $50, I’ll tell you how to work out if it’s going to end in Friendship, Love, Hate, Marriage or Divorce.


This might seem contrary to my last post, but it just isn’t. I saw a diet book called Skinny Bitches at Borders recently and had a a browse. It’s written by two models and their advice is basically cigarettes are bad, give them up; sugar is bad, give it up; alcohol is bad; give it up (except red wine); coffee is bad, give it up; meat is bad; cut back; blah, blah, blah. There’s some good advice in there – fad diets don’t work, consistent changes do – but generally it didn’t sit well with me.

It’s taken me a while to work it out, but I finally have. The issue is that I don’t believe in giving stuff up. Well some stuff but not all of it. I think if you love something, then have it. The big secret is to work out what you really want. Cut out the junk food – junk being anything you eat that you don’t want to. We all do it. Well I do, anyway. Like when you are watching a movie so you do the hand-mouth thing but you really don’t want to be eating, it’s just habit.

I think it’s all about priorities. If I gave up my daily coffee, I’d feel deprived beyond belief but I can give up (and have given up) an awful lot of things that have made no real difference to my life.

Work out what you really enjoy and have it in moderation; work out the foods that bad for you and you get minimal enjoyment from and give them up; work out the food you eat that’s good for you and make the most of them. Find healthier ways for preparing the foods you normally eat. Watch your portion sizes, except for vegies. Exercise more. That’s my entire dieting advice in a nutshell.


At the moment, I’m really enjoying life – I’m doing the things I love and an a highly productive writing machine – except for one teensy factor. I’m skint.

I’ve been applying for jobs but with no luck at all. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not saying I’m a super dooper hot talent who should be snapped up by the first employer I apply to, but normally when I apply for jobs on websites like Seek, I’ll at least get an interview with the employment agency.

Over the past month, I’ve applied for a heap of jobs and not even got a call back. I have all the qualifications and experience so I don’t know what the problem is. I’ve even called around my temp agencies and had no luck.

I’ve been trying to think of alternative money making ventures. I’ve got a few bags of clothes in storage that I want to sell on ebay. Another idea I’ve been kicking around for a while is starting a dog walking business. There are many pluses (incidential exercise, cute puppies, no boss) but I have one big concern. If I start doing it and don’t get enough work to support myself, I’ll have to get an office job and could end up leaving people in the lurch.

As for the writing, I’ve finished a few short stories and sent them out so it’s a matter of waiting around. I also have some stuff I’ve sold but it takes forever to get paid. I’ve got a couple of other stories to finish then it’s back to a final edit of the novel and then trying to hock that.


8 responses to “Rants and Raves

  1. Well if you sell your novel and it is a best seller all your money problems will be over..

  2. I’m with Michelle. Do the dog walking until the novel is complete, then you’ll be rich, RICH I SAY! mwahahahahaha!

    It sux being skint, doesn’t it?

  3. Kathryn your comments about holding on to the things that you enjoy and dumping the other stuff really hit a chord with me.

    I’m off to make a list of what I really really enjoy….

  4. I wish you lived closer to me, I could really do with some help around the office at the moment. I’ve been pulling 16 hour days and i’m bloodywell over it.
    Hope you find something soon.

  5. It sucks trying to find work at this time of year. Hopefully something comes along soon for you.

  6. Yeah, what’s wrong with the old fashioned way of finding out your compatibility by counting up the letters in your names manually and calculating the numerology that way? Eh? Is the math too hard? Or making one of those hexadecimal origami things with the messages inside? These days you gotta pay $5 or something and be harassed with mobile spam thereafter (I assume). Suckas!!

    I like the idea of a dog walking business. Except for the poo. But the walking and the open air and the cute doggies would be fun.

  7. Ever tried to walk a Newfoundlander or a Rottweiller or a Dalmation? They walk you & it can be all hard work. Then there’s the hassle of dog fights & it does happen….and the poo…and the crappy weather. I’ve probably burst your bubble…sorry.
    Hope you find a job you can really enjoy.

  8. I have a friend that does dog walking on the side because he’s a freelance designer. Seems to pay well enough for extra money and there’s your exercise! Gotta love dogs though 🙂

    I agree, giving something up is not the way to go if you love it. I tried to give up caffeine and while I did for a week, I actually missed the social side of it. All in moderation hey.

    I’ll see if there’s anything in our Melbourne offices going….

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