A Different Perspective

I was surfing through a bunch of blogs by writers the other night and read something really eye opening. Unfortunately I didn’t book mark it so can’t post the link but I’ll try to paraphrase.

Basically the writer talked about having to skip breakfast then looking for something to eat in the vending machine later in the morning. She complained to a co-worker because the only choices were candy bars and cookies. The co-worker’s told her not to worry, you’re skinny you can eat what you want.

The writer’s point was that the reason she’s skinny is that she DOESN’T eat what she wants. She works hard to maintain the body she has and it doesn’t get that way by eating cookies for breakfast. Nobody over the age of 30 has a good body by accident.

Because I spend so long looking at these issues from the point of view of someone who struggles with my weight, I never really stop to think that people who look good get that way because they work at it. It’s too easy to dismiss them as ‘thin bitches’ who, through some freak of genetics, have it easy.

I grew up with cousins who did fit into that genetic freak of nature category – they could get away with never exercising and living on junk food – so I tend to think most thin women are like that.

I’ve never had a healthy eating role model. Most of my life I’ve believed you eat how you like and you are either lucky or not, yet I’ve worked with many women who bring in healthy lunches from home and exercise regularly. I’ve seen them work at having good bodies.

Even since I’ve lost weight, I’ve thought about these lifestyle changes as being something I need to do because I’ve had to lose weight, but the reverse is true: I put on weight because I never had a healthy lifestyle. I’m not the exception. It’s not a curse or some bad choice in the lucky dip of genetics. It’s the way people should live.


7 responses to “A Different Perspective

  1. OOPS! Disregard my comments on yr last post… thousand apologies…

    You’ve opened my eyes, too. I s’pose it IS easier to hate the skinny chicks for being genetically lucky, than to realise that they just put in the effort that I don’t.

    Thx for the virtual slap…

  2. As I sit here eating my vegemite sandwich it occurs to me that a skinny person would probably not be eating a vegemite sandwich – or if they did it would be on a cruskit instead of bread and almost certainly not have butter. Sigh. I’ve got a LOOOOONNNGGGG way to go. Here I am kidding myself that a vegemite sandwich is not TOO bad.

  3. Wow, I think a lightbulb just went off in my head.

    I’ve heard this said before, but it really just hit home for me….

    thanks, kathryn!

  4. ouch, that slap hurt! Thanks!

  5. Bingo! Great perspective in putting the responsibility back on the individual.

  6. PelagicWobbegong

    Absolutely pertinent comments!

    When I was at my slimmest a while back, I went out for a night on the tiles with mates and decided to treat myself to icecream. One of the blokes commented ‘it’s amazing – you can eat what you want and remain skinny!’

    Erm…nope. 99% of the time I didn’t eat ice cream. I ate sensible, healthy meals.

    I recall reading Cher saying how frustrating it was to hear people talk about how she had surgery or how she was naturally very slim. She grumbled that neither was the case – she spent hours in the gym working on her body and watched her diet.

  7. I used to think the same about the skinny chicks until one night, months ago, when I went for a walk, I watched a girl with a gorgeous, athletic body jog past me, huffing and puffing like there was no tomorrow and it hit me. She looks that great because she works hard at it. She’s someone to admire, not denigrate. Thanks for the great read Kathryn!

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