Matters of Earth Shattering Importance

Today I cleaned my room and put my laundry away – exciting stuff, huh but it caused me all kinds of dilemmas.

I have a dressing table with 2 half sized drawers and 2 full sized ones then I have my wardrobe with hanging space, of course, and three shelves.

At the moment I have my jumpers and knits on one of the wardrobe shelves because they are so bulky they fit there best. I also have long sleeved tops on the shelves but I used to have my tee-shirts in one of the drawers. Except then that caused confusion because what about tee-shirts with three quarter length sleeves? Are they long sleeved tops or tee-shirts? So today I put my tee-shirts in the wardrobe as well.

In the drawers I have jeans and pants in one and workout gear in the other. The workout gear drawer has tee shirts in it too and that causes confusion. Some tee shirts are definite workout tees and some are definite casual wear tees but there are some on the borderline.

Smaller drawers are all underwear – there’s a definite undie drawer and the other one has all the miscelleanous crap like bathers (but maybe they should be in workout gear?) – bras and hosiery seem to float between the two, depending on where they fit. It’s just chaos!

So what I want to know is how do you organise your clothes? By function or type? Do other people even worry about this stuff or am I just obsessive?

12 responses to “Matters of Earth Shattering Importance

  1. My clothes are so unorganised. Some dont even make it out of the laundry baskets. You have inspired me to organise my clothes, heh :o)

    When they are organised, mine are similiar to yours.

  2. God, I’m so relieved. It’s not just me…I’m not an obsessive freak. 🙂

    Bras have their own drawer, but crop tops sometimes end up with workout gear. I have the same problem with cross-over T-shirts (workout or casual wear?) and at the moment half my socks and pantyhose are on the floor because I’ve run out of room.

    Perhaps it’s time for a clean out and run to the brotherhood bin?

  3. Bwahaha…I try to get organised being virgo and all. As long as my socks go in the sock box and my knickers/bras go in the other box, I’m happy. Everything else is on a hanger with the main objective to be off the floor. My gym gear goes on the hooks on the back of my door. Pretty messy to anyone else’s eye but I know where everything is and it’s all black!

  4. I too am obsessive (when my clothes make it both off my floor and out of my laundry basket)

    My drawers are all full length – Undies and Socks share a drawer (if they were half drawers they would have one each.) This includes stockings etc.

    Bras have their own drawer – including crop tops.

    Next Drawer down hosts miscellaneous. Things that can’t really be hung like bathers.

    The rest is hung in my wardrobe but again in an order! My hanging pole thing has a mount in the middle which separates the 2 sides. Left to right in order.

    Clothes I am waiting to fit into. Shoe Hanger Rack thingy. Storms Jumper. (yes storm my dog) Followed by my jackets (in length order long to short) Then jumpers. Then the mount is in the middle.

    On the other side (fancy through to sporty and in between well in between!) Singlets, Tank Tops, Fitted T’s, T Shirts, 3/4 sleeve, Long Sleeve, Shirts and finally pants.

    PLUS say there is a few sporting t shirts (as of course there is) All the white ones are together followed by all the black ones etc etc.

  5. I can feel a photo post coming up… nothing else can describe it really.

  6. I have stages of being organised like this and other stages of just hoping like hell that I can find stuff. My wardrobe is arranged with bulky stuff up the top and things are hung in batches of shirts/skirts/jackets/pants etc and within the categories they are colour configured. My drawers have one for underwear bottoms and stockings, one for bras and cami tops etc. Then either side I have two drawers of misc shit.

    Then I have three large drawers, top being pj’s, teeshirts etc. Second down is long sleeved tops, bottom is jeans, trackies etc. Basically, things are organised into areas of where they fit on the body, not what they are for.

  7. Some of my clothes are in the closet and some are in dresser drawers in the bedroom – it does drive me crazy that they are not in one place. I oganize them functionally – underwear, bras, socks, etc. are in the drawers: I get into them, then walk into the closet for outer clothing. I think the thing that bugs me the most is that the dirty clothes hamper is halfway between – getting undressed it seems I go back and forth several times between shedding dirty clothes, hanging back up things I will wear again, and getting fresh clothes or pajamas from the dresser.

    Damn, my life is difficult!!!

  8. Alaskaboy is the one that does most of the clothes washing at our house, especially since we wash fortnightly at a laundromat. And he has a certain way in which he likes to fold his clothes, so rather than ending up in an argument every single time we went to fold clothes together, I just let him have at it!
    He rationalised that I do most of the cooking so let him have his chore too. Both he and my father are of that strange breed that actually LIKE to do chores. (Shudder!)

    I organise my stuff a little different to his most notably he likes t-shirts folded just so, I like mine hung up. Jeans hang on one of those multi hangers one each for both of us. My shoes are just a big jumble in the bottom of the wardrobe and under the bed.
    Each have our sidetable drawers and share a large chest of drawers. Although our clothes don’t mix there is too many clothes for that. A drawer for underwear and socks. A drawer for nighties and/or sleepwear, a drawer of odds and ends that don’t really go with anything else. Shirts, slacks, jumpers/sweaters and dresses are in the wardrobe. A drawer for bathers, crop tops and workout gear.
    During summer most of my winter clothes (apart from jackets) are packed away in suitcases, and the reverse in winter. Just had an exciting time of that yesterday. 🙂
    My problem is that, unlike my husband, I have a complete set of clothing in about 4-5 different sizes. THIS time as I’m shrinking out of them I’m giving them to an Op Shop. Too tempting to grow back into them. Am gonna keep a few items for posterity, but that’s it! Clothes that don’t fit are actually shoved into garbage bags, with the air all squished out of them, in the top of the wardrobe.

    Hope that wasn’t too confusing?

  9. My daughter has a top system. Everything gets hung on the floor. Just kick your gear around till you find what you want. Good stuff MIGHT get thrown on a chair. You guessed it, she’s a teenager. grrrrr

  10. Oh, the perils of OCD – how to organise the clothes?
    Catching up on my slackness of blog reading over the last week and realised I’m in a similar boat to you. I’m about the same weight as I was 4 months ago.

    Time to sort this out!

  11. Wow, actually mine is organised pretty much the same as yours except I don’t own a pair of jeans….I will one day

  12. I’m a colour, length, type and season clothing filer. Winter/summer clothes get packed away in the off season to make more room for everything else.

    And the FUN i’m having now with 2 childrens’ clothes to sort as well? You wouldn’t believe!

    It’s fun being anal, isn’t it?

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