I think I’ve been all seven of the dwarves this week – happy, sneezy, dopey… well maybe not Doc… but today I’m definitely Sleepy. After my huge snoozefest earlier this week, I’ve screwed up my sleep patterns big time.

Yesterday I got little sleep then had to go into town for a interview so got up bright and early. I spent the afternoon running around and planned to have an early night last night. I slept for two hours then woke up and laid awake for hours. This morning I had to get up early to go to the market then had another interview at 1.00 so had to keep myself awake and lively for the hours in between. Have you ever been so tired that you feel physcially ill? Not good.

I don’t think I came across as particularly articulate in the interview. I kept forgetting the words for stuff. Damn it. Now I want to nap but I’m pepped up on coffee!

I weighed in this morning. My weight, it’s got a mind of it’s own – up and down like a bride’s nightie! So now it’s settled at 72.1 kgs – the exact same as 2 weeks ago. No complaints from me, what with overeating and a total lack of cardio.

I have this theory, not sure if it’s sane or not – prior to damaging my ribs (like for months prior), I’d do about 500-1000 calories worth of cardio most days. I’m talking 6 days a week. Now I’m doing maybe 200 calories worth a day. So I’m thinking maybe I was doing too much before. My metabolism just started taking all my hard work for granted and full expected that much effort every day. Since I’ve been in rest and repair mode, my body has settled down so the amount of exercise I do is far more efficient now.


6 responses to “Sleepy!

  1. Ohh You have been busy… wow…
    My mind is spinning just keeping up…
    You have done a fantastic job with your weightloss…
    We had the same starting point…
    I just need a little more time and enthusiasm and I will get there too…

  2. Like a bride’s nightie. {chuckle}

    Ack! You mean the body gets used to exercise, even when ya vary it up? Shit!

    Maybe I should slack off some too, and then ramp it up later when I need it. I hear those last 5-10kgs are the hardest to lose?

    What’s the best thing you like about being where you’re at now with your weight?

  3. Dang, you do sound like you have a lot going on, but you always do! heh. I don’t think I’ve been physically ill from being so Sleepy, but I’ve def. been so tired I couldn’t sleep… so I’d just lay there looking at the ceiling.

    Nice theory! I like it – and I say go with what/how your body is reacting, it’s nice to hear you’re having some relax time in here, because sometimes I feel exhausted just reading what you do! (and completely guilty lol)

    Have a great weekend Hun!

  4. I definitely get to the point where I am so tired I feel physically ill every now and then. It’s a revolting experience. I don’t get enough sleep in general, so it is an issue for me. I hope you are feeling better and your sleeping patterns are starting to even out.

    I think about your theory every now and then, when I get in my gung-ho zones and feel like going hell for leather. I am sure it is best (most efficient & healthiest) to just stick to a nice, moderately intense, constant routine. Although mixing it up a bit is still important too.

    But yeah, I don’t want to start an intense routine that my body won’t be able to maintain over a long term.

  5. Hey, I am liking the 7 dwarves analogy but not so good that your sleep is all screwed up. I have been like that and it sure sucks. Hopefully you settle down soon. Must be because of your bender the other day. Dan keeps saying that he takes him longer to recover these days.

    LOL my weight is the exact same as two weeks ago too. Eh *shrug*. I think the main thing is that we’re not back were we started 🙂 I hear you about the exercise too, exact same for me but that expenditure sure got us to goal in good time.

    Good luck with the interviews babe!


  6. You are making me tired just talking about how tired you are. I hope you get some decent sleep soon.

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