A LIttle Run…

I went for a walk today and managed a tiny little run, the first time since I broke my ribs. Well, if you don’t count a short burst of running yesterday and that time when I got my heart rate monitor and couldn’t resist. According to the HRM, I spent 5 minutes in “the zone” today. It makes me sob but I’ll be getting back up there when I feel better.

According to my scales, I put on 2-2.5 kgs last week. Liar, liar, pants on fire is what I said to them, but the scales don’t care. You can cuss them out all you want but they don’t change what they say. Who’d have thunk a week of no exercise and bad eating could do that much damage? I’m thinking some of it must be on account of fluid retention and womanly time issues (please, please) because otherwise I’m screwed.

This week is going to be about 100% effort – good eating, plenty of water and back to exercising.


9 responses to “A LIttle Run…

  1. Gotta have these weeks so we appreciate our better weeks even more. Cheers to a better week babe and your fitness will come back raring to go in no time!

    PS. I’ll be checking out eBay for the HRM, thanks!

  2. I agree with Mary, gotta have these weeks to appreciate the others, you just don’t push yourself too hard ;P!

    And I have no doubt you’ll get back to where you were at in no time, you’re an exercise machine!

    Take Care chica (and thanks for the words on my post, they really did hit home with me)

  3. Morning Missus

    I’m with you on a 100% effort week. I’ve got SDA on a post it on my screen at work.

  4. Hope you’re having a good week Kathryn.

  5. hi Kathryn,

    i have been a lurker on you blog for some time, i always find you an interesting read.

    today i have been catching up on your latest posts and i feel compelled to leave a comment.

    you tell us your son is buying towels. you will more than likely think i’m a lunatic for what i’m about to tell you.

    as we speak i’m dabbing away the tears that welled into my eyes upon reading your post.

    i have two boys, my oldest is 6. he has recently acquired goggles and is forever dressed in some sort of costume.

    it is like a slap in the face when i step back into reality and face facts that my boys will not always be this age, will not always need me, may at times even dislike me…

    it’s not something i deal with very well as i love my boys to pieces. i try to never waste even a second of our time together and at times when i am cranky because i’m tired or just being crazy i curse myself for not just treasuring them for what they are, my precious little boys!

    i’m certain that just as i have treasured every stage of their lives i will also treasure them as teens/adults etc but i will always think of them as my babies.


  6. Ignore the zones babe – They are nothing to you. Just push it as high and hard as possible.

    http://www.aminoz.com.au/staying-burning-zone-a-130.html?aPath=23 An Article for you on hearrate

  7. If it’s any comfort on the scale front, it’s *almost* impossible to gain or lose more than 1kg of fat in a week. Anything extra is fluid, or what you ate for dinner that still isn’t digested. Or something.

    Keep the sugar and processed carbs to a minimum and it’ll reverse itself tout suite.

  8. oh that is great that you got a run in. Have a great week getting back on track

  9. Wooo, you got a run happnein’. Awesome.
    I strained my groin last year, I hear ya on how frustrating it is to recuperate slooooowly.

    Sleep deprivation is also another good one for increasing your water retention. Here’s hoping you can get some good sleep soon!

    Oh and having some more potassium (bananas and dried apricots are good sources.) also helps with the flushing of your system.

    oops, that’s a whole lotta assvice there, sorry.

    Love your blog! Am a recent lurker, slowly making my way through your posts.

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