Sleep My Pretties!

In a flash of brilliant insight and genius, I’ve worked out why my eating has been so out of control this week. It’s because I’ve been sleep deprived. When I don’t sleep enough, I compensate by eating.

It’s been a tough week – for starters, the ribs pain when I lay down. I think because you use your torso a lot more to move when you are laying down. It takes me ages to get comfortable then every little motion hurts. Luckily it’s getting better.

Plus we get critters in the roof – possums and such. I have an old fireplace in my bedroom and the other night I could hear something actually scratching around in there. I jumped out of bed and stood around waiting for it for ages, then went back to bed but shone my bedlight on the fireplace…. just in case.

Last night was the worst though. One of my housemates only comes home about once a week, so last night he came home with a bunch of mates and they talked loudly in his room until they left at 3.00 am, when they spent some time talking even louder in the hallway.

I so hate my housemate. He creeps me out. Even when he isn’t being loud, I feel uncomfortable with him in the house. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t be so judgemental but then whenever I’ve ignored creepy feeings about people, it’s never ended well. I reckon woman should be encouraged more to act on creepy feelings instead of repressing them. We’d be a whole lot safer. Having said that, I’m not actually scared of the dude – he’s small and weedy and I could take him on!

On top of all that, I’m sick and tired of telling my housemates to do things that normal people should know to do. And there’s no way I can get rid of this guy – since we each rent directly from the owners, I don’t have any power plus he works for the owners so that makes it even harder.

It’s weird though – I need sleep but instead of sleeping, I eat. And I eat sugary food, I guess because I need energy. It’s not a good way to be. Hopefully by next week, I’ll have magically healed ribs and be back running and sleeping well and the eating will look after itself.


6 responses to “Sleep My Pretties!

  1. There is definitely a relationship between lack of sleep and crap eating. In spite of knowing this, it seems to be a lesson I need to learn over and over and over….

    Slow learner? Me?

    As for the housemate – you’ll just have to kill him. I see no other viable solution.

  2. I so hear you about the lack of sleep/eating crap thing. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for three years. We have some weeks that are better than others though and I always eat crap when we’re having a bad sleeping week. I haven’t learnt the lesson yet either, I totally know that I would feel better if I didn’t eat crap, but I keep doing it.
    And the housemate thing, I know people in low places, so I can have him ‘sorted’ for you!! hahaha

  3. there is definitely a relationship between hunger and lack of sleep. Apparently it is because your body knows it is lacking energy (because you haven’t slept enough) so it makes you hungary so you consume more food in order to give you the energy boost you need. Quite clever really – if only it worked πŸ™‚

  4. I always feel very hungry when I don’t get sleep. I hate the fact that I feel ravenous even after a meal.

    Is it once a week that he does this constantly? Or is it worse? In either case, I wish you could get rid of him and find some peace πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh Good luck babes!

  6. Hey, maybe that’s why I craved Bellis bars this week! I was really busy and sleep deprived the past week (plus we had daylight savings). I hope we both have a better week with less cravings this week. I agree, sleep deprivation can make you lose the strength to say no.

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