Growing Up

When do you realise your baby is growing up? When they are young, there are so many milestones – first steps, first teeth, first words. As they get older, the years seem to accelerate. I swear Andrew when straight from 12 to 18 in the blind of an eye. There are years I don’t even remember.

When he left home, he still didn’t feel like an adult. When he started uni, when he turned 18. Sure they are big moments but today he told me something that made me realise he’s not a kid any longer. One of those small moments that I’m sure mothers will understand.

Today Andrew bought himself towels!

It’s funny, while he was telling me about this, I was reading Sue’s post with her photo of her son on his 18th. Even though Andrew’s a year older, he seems so much younger. When I look for him in a crowd, I still look for a little kid and am constantly surprised to his 6 foot frame ambling toward me. The Andrew in my head has stayed about 6 years old, wearing swimming googles and a fireman’s hat. He smells like Johnson’s baby soap and wears soft, flannelette pyjamas.

He’s not old enough to be buying his own towels.


My eating has been crazy lately. What’s my problem? I’ve been way, way over my calories for the past two days. Tonight I had Maccas. Just a cheeseburger. Enough to remind me that I hate Maccas. I feel so bloated and sick. I had other bad food aplenty too. I think I’ll stop pigging out now – I really don’t like it.


8 responses to “Growing Up

  1. My eating has been out of control the last two days too. I vowed to get it under control as of today. I am doing well so far. We can do this!

  2. Yep, buying towels. That’s a significant milestone. Mine buys his own clothes, but not his underwear. Does his own laundry but doesn’t put away his clean clothes. Can clean a house but won’t cook. But buying towels – that’s a biggie.

  3. How funny you should post this – Number One Son turned 19 today and I’m feeling all sad. I actually said “Happy birthday son…. and by the way, what happened to my baby?”. And almost cried. Of course he looked at me like I had two heads or something.

    Hi didn’t buy towels, but he DID clean up his room yesterday, including changing the sheets. He must have a girl coming over…

    Why didn’t I feel this way last year when he legally became an adult? Weird.

    Maccas….eeuw. I can’t stand the smell of the stuff. Smells like disgusting fat. I still eat pizza though. :p

  4. My son is 29 and I still feel as though he is 6! Much to his disgust. He told me he may be moving States and I couldn’t talk to him, I was crying so much.
    I think they will always be our little boys!
    Hope your eating settles down. I know what you mean about how we feel now when we eat crap.

  5. Awwww!

  6. What colour towels? 🙂
    AT least you now know that you don’t like junk food… its a good thing

  7. aww kathryn! you totally melted me with that para about your son… sniffle!!!

    hope you get to catch up on some zzz’s soon. your flatmate does indeed sound like a twat!

  8. Buying your own towels is serious when you’re a boy. My DH has never bought towels in his life. (no, he still hasn’t grown up)!! Maybe towels are the key, maybe towels are the meaning of life!!!!! Although I thought the meaning of life was 46 – or is it 42?? LOL. I can never remember.
    Fingers crossed Andrew doesn’t start buying kitchenware or crockery – that would be very drastic!!
    Hope you’re having a great (junk free) weekend.

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