Yesterday ended up being not good. I’ve been feeling really blah and then sat up all night watching Buffy with my sister and eating junk food. Bad, bad move. I wanted an Eskimo Pie so went to the shops to get one but they only have all the new fancy icecreams so I got other stuff to compensate – a mint chip cornetto and a bar of fruit and nut chocolate. I think it’s the first time in over a year I’ve bought a full sized chocolate bar, not just one of those snack sized ones. When I opened it, it was gross – I dunno how old it was cos the use by date was in some Asian language but it was all powdery and crumbled, just like those vampires after Buffy stakes them. I still managed to eat half of it because that was the kind of mood I was in.

Today I feel blah again but I’ve slept most of the day. I think I might go have a shower and get dressed then try going for a walk. That should help.

I hate the thought that it could be weeks until I run again. It seems all this year has been bad – what with colds and flus and bronchitis and now this. Oh but another good thing about broken ribs – I’m getting to be an expert at squats. I’m doing hundreds a day since it hurts to bend over.


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