A big mountain of sugar is too much for one man!

When you eat sugar, it gets lonely in your belly so it calls out to all it’s friends – ‘come join us, it’s a party in here.’ It does this by making you think you want more sugar and more and more until you become a big ball of sugariness. Even when you think you’ve had enough and you want to stop, it keeps calling to it’s kind. You have so much inside you, it’s gained control. It calls louder and louder. You are in it’s power.

The only way to stop it is cold turkey. Cut off the source. I’m going to try it for a few days and see how I go.

8 responses to “A big mountain of sugar is too much for one man!

  1. Bwahaha, I agree…cold turkey! I had to do that with my coke addiction of late and coping rather well but the trick was to replace it with something else, something better.

  2. A very good idea mate! Just leave sugar alone ….

  3. I have a thing for marshmallows & I can never stop at one…or ten for that matter, they just keep calling for more. Most of the time I do my best to pass them in the supermarket, but I ALWAYS make sure they are there waiting for me just in case.

  4. Miss Pink Lotus

    Hee hee hee hee

  5. Good luck babe!!

  6. another sarah ...

    Yes, fight that evil sugar! I think I need to kick my habit too, damn night shifts turning me into an eating machine.

  7. Is that why i’m so (sickly) sweet? LOL

  8. Evil sugar demons!!! *hisssssss*
    Funny thing is that I have been having sugar cravings all day today too!!! Maybe it has something to do with the position of the moon!

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