Tonight I went to spin class and about halfway through I realised the woman beside me had been constantly blowing her nose. Is there some polite way to ask someone if their disease is contagious?

Because I’m a quiet, polite person, I spent the next 20 minutes ignoring her and trying not to breathe in her direction but a very big part of me wanted to get up and change bikes, moving right away. And another part deep down inside wanted to jump up and yell at her to get her filthy infectous body away from mine.

I’ve spent months over winter wracked with colds and flus and finally I’ve had a run of NOT being sick, so this selfish, diseased woman has to sit herself beside me even though there were plenty of other bikes, even though she could have stayed at home — and now I’m sneezing and feeling a little feverish.

I hate these people. Fair enough, sometimes you have to leave the house with a cold or flu, but you never have to go to spin class. I bet she was all ‘look at me, I’m such a brave soldier, exercising when I’m sick.’ Arrgghh, I want to beat her around the head with housebricks.

She didn’t even spray her bike down with the disinfecting spray when she finished. She just wiped it down and left the germs for the next person.


8 responses to “Sick

  1. gross! GROSS! you poor thing, that is so wrong. vile woman. i think when your illness involves flowing bodily fluids it’s time to stay at home. fair enough running outside but trapped in a wee room with a dozen people on bikes, that’s not fair for your classmates!

  2. That is disgusting! I am sick but stayed at home when I was contagious. I felt well enough to go to a yoga class but I didn’t want to take that chance of giving it to anyone else. Grr, my pet peeve too. What a selfish bitch!

    I hope you feel better soon and it doesn’t become a full blown cold 😦

  3. yuk – not nice. I hope you don’t get too sick.

  4. You should have moved! And given her a shitty look while you were moving bikes…. I think you must be too nice! I would have anyway! hee hee, but then, I ain’t nice. If you get sick, shit happens.

  5. Not nice!

    Hope you are OK.

  6. I hear you! I had a stupid woman like that in my pottery class and thats what made me sick this last time too!!! Why can’t people just stay at home until they are better? I didn’t go to pottery or gym when I was sick!!!! hmpf! Evil germ infested people!!!
    I hope you don’t get sick but just take loads of vitamin C and other healthy stuff just incase 🙂

  7. OMG! That reminds me of my last boss. I rarely get colds or the flu, maybe once every 2 to 3 years. This boss came into the office sick 4 times in 6 months! And every time he coughed all over the place and didn’t even try to avoid other workers…and every time I got sick too! Since he left 3 months ago I haven’t got sick once! GRR

  8. yuck, we have this annoying woman at work who comes in when she is crook as and coughs all over us! argh!

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