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Last night, I went to see Little Miss Sunshine. Great film with lots of laughs. It’s about a family that’s pretty screwed up – the grandfather got kicked out of the old people’s home for doing heroin, the father is a wannabe self-help guru, the brother has taken a vow of silence and the mother is Toni Collette. They have to drive across country (I assume, not being that familiar with US geography) to take the youngest daughter to a beauty pagent. It gets a big, five-star rating from me.

The day before that, I went to Borders and found a great book. I think it was called Anatomy of Female Strength Training or something like that. I must be turning into an exercise nerd because I found it fascinating. It goes through common strength training exercise and shows the muscles used through anatomical diagrams. For many, say squats, it shows the difference in muscle use between difference stances – all kinds of geeky info like that. As well as helpful stuff like if you do lunges with wide legs you work more into the glutes whereas narrow legs works the quads.

I hate these bimbo magazines that give workouts that say do X, Y & Z to get ‘hot buns’. I want to know exactly what I’m working (and love having the pictures). I think I’ll buy it when I get some cash.

Oh yeah, I also kind of accidentally bought a heart rate monitor on ebay last night. I’ve been meaning to buy a watch – I haven’t owned one for years and would find it really helpful when I’m running – then got onto HRMs and put in a bid, not expecting to win. It’s a Polar F4 which I know nothing about but it gives you your calorie expenditure which I love, although I have a nasty feeling I’m not burning nearly as many as I think.

Yesterday I did a 10 km run. I suffered through every single step of it but I did it. I think the problem was my stupidity – I thought it would be unwise to do a lower body workout and a long run on the same day, so I did my weights the day before instead. Big mistake because my muscles were so tight!

I weighed in today. A whopping 300 gram loss, but at least I’m going down again. Plus that isn’t for a full week. Around 3 days I think. I do need to take my weigh ins seriously because otherwise I stuff around and put on weight. Not good.

So today I went to the market and am about to go into the city to the beauty school to get a manicure and pedicure. Woohoo! Then this arvo I’m meeting a friend for a run and then we’re going out to dinner. If you live in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (or want to travel), this is worth checking out. The Terminus Hotel in Clifton Hill has a special offer – join their mailing list and get a free meal. It’s not even a buy one, get one free deal. How much does that rock! I’d post the link but I’m lazy. Still it’s easy enough to google it.

5 responses to “Watching, Reading, Doing

  1. Well done on the loss! Sounds like you are going well with your running too.
    I will be interested to hear how you go with your heart monitor. I was thinking of getting one, but I don’t know enough about them.

  2. I love my HRM! I think, no, I know you are gonna love yours too. It somehow makes you push yourself more and more. The only thing I don’t like is the horrible strap thingy you have to wear around your chest.. but I guess its like wearing a bra? hehe
    Nice one on the 300g’s. I could do with a loss like that too.

  3. I have that book….Women’s Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier. It is great, but has one teensy drawback: It has no upper body exercises, only legs and abs. Cos us delicate little women wouldn’t want to grow muscular arms or something, now would we? *rolls eyes*

    His other book,just titled Strength Training Anatomy is better value – chest, back, shoulder and arm exercises, as well as the squats, lunges, leg extensions and so on.

    I hope the new edition has updated drawings – the bike shorts worn with G-string leotards were a little off-putting. Ah, the 80s…

  4. LOL oh yeah, I totally understand the geek stuff. When I get into something, I really “get into it” too. You almost certainly find me going straight for the health/fitness section these days first and usually come out with something or at least a list.

    And you “accidentally” bought a HRM on eBay?? I don’t know how you can “accidentally” buy anything but hey, I’ll let you get away with that because I want one too! 🙂

    Enjoy your day of pampering!

  5. another sarah ...

    Did you have the $30 parma at the Terminus? I’ve heard it’s pretty damn good but you need to order it a day in advance!

    Congrats on the loss! And let us know how you go with the heart rate monitor. Thanks for the messages, I don’t feel so bad about my bad behaviour last night now! Although the hangover sucks big ones. Actually, I think I was out-done by a few people so maybe me going on about my manager was light-weight in comparison (I wasn’t the only one complaining). Most of my whinging was done with a girl who just left! I’m sure Monday will be okay … there’s a new girl starting so all attention will be on her. PHEW.

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