Photo of Doom

I wanted to post a photo of me in my shorts so I got my BFF, David to take this the other night. Arrgghh! When I saw the pic, I nearly died. I look so fat. Check it out, it’s like I have a bumbag under my tee-shirt, a bumbag of lard. Yesterday I felt very fat and depressed but today I’m over it… almost. It’s just a photo, I don’t look like that all the time. What can’t be cured, must be endured – although I’m still working out how much can be cured because that beats the hell of enduring.

Today’s big excitement, for me anyways, was the Spring into Shape run #2. Woohoo, go me – I finished the 8 km run without requiring one lick of medical assistance. Sadly enough, that’s like some kind of record.

I met heaps of people off the ausrun forum before the race, all very intimidating with their masterful atheletic prowess. I am such a n00b around them. One day I want to look like a runner so that people who don’t know me can look at me and know I run, even when I’m not running.

After the race, in the goodie bag line, I heard someone call out my name and turned to see the spunkalicious Michelle.

As for the run itself, I’m not that happy with my time. Without going into all the issues with my digestive tract, I had some queasiness so had to stop off for a toilet break plus drop back to a walk a couple of times until things settled down. It felt like I had a big, heavy rock in the pit of stomach! Still I knocked quite a few minutes off my time from the last run so I can’t complain too much.

Finally, here’s a tip for any Buffy fans – Big W have the dvds for $32 a season a season. Woohoo! Plus if you go to the one in the QV building, the PA in the store stuffs up and keeps making fart noises. People who are juvenile and unsophisticated, might find that pants wettingly funny… I know I did.

15 responses to “Photo of Doom

  1. Well done on bettering your time (is that even a word?? LOL), even with the ‘tummy trouble’. As for the photo, you’re right you DON’T always look like that. I’m currently making photo posters for my party next week and i’ve found some clangers. I was thinking about not including them but then I thought, stuff it – I don’t always look like that, and mostly I don’t look like that now, and even better I won’t look anything like that on the night of my party!!!
    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  2. Good job on the run…. don’t be intimidated by the way other runners look – looks can be deceiving. I mean, here am I, sitting here in all my fancy running gear, and I barely managed a piddly 2kms today without dying from lack of oxygen. Or something….

    Buffy DVDs you say? Damn! Why is there no Big W near me?

  3. ohh kathryn! i for one think you look hot and i would kill to have your legs. you are a vixen. luckily we’re human beings that walk upright, and not leaning forward like a cave man, otherwise we’d all have a wee belly like that! actually mine would flop down to my ankles!

    and well done on the race, woohoo!

  4. Hey, my tummy does that too, especially in yoga when my singlet is halfway to my boobs! We all get that, don’t worry. Great legs and I dig the stripes and shorts too.

    Great to hear you ran the Spring to Shape and met some ausrun people. How does a runner supposed to look. With all that fancy gear LOL? Give yourself credit girl, well done on running and for being a runner!

    I hope you have a great week and hey, you’ve had bits too. So much easier than bleaching and having them wash out in a week. I figure I’ll add a new colour each month until I’m sick of them. So easy to put in, so easy to take out, fun 🙂

  5. I’m with Shauna. Next time you have a photo taken stand up straight and suck in. Everyone has a tummy like that when they bend forward….except for maybe Victoria Beckham but that’s only because she’s wearing the tightest jeans on the planet.

    8klms is soooo good. I can’t even make it to the end of my street. Bad knees darh-ling. Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it. lol

  6. First of all, congrats on beating your own time and I am with the other ladies; it is the POSE yhat enhances your tummy, which is not that huge, btw. And as a positive, look how skinny your legs look in horizontal stripes!

  7. Who doesn’t look like that when they’re bent over and not photoshopped? Well done on the running time. Does the tshirt say “I heart Northcote?” too cool.

  8. Oh yes – I wqas supposed to enter one or two of these wasn’t I? How annoying. Quick someone link me to a race that’ll give me a medal just for doing it. I reckon I might turn up then haha

  9. Well done on the run.

    Your legs are cute. Love the stripes with the shorts!

  10. Yeah, I can see the belly, but you ARE all hunched over…what you should be looking at are your GREAT LEGS! I would KILL KILL KILL for legs that look like yours, and not the stumpy ones I’m currently sporting! I think you should retake the photo and strike a pose this time!

  11. Check out those pins! 😉

  12. What are you talking about??? You are skinny!!!!!!
    Well done on the run too 🙂 You really do inspire me.
    I can’t wait to get back to it.

  13. OMG, your legs are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. When one leans forward, all that re-distributes itself elsewhere, hangs in front of us. You look hot and this was just an unflattering picture/pose.

  15. Love the stripey stockings!

    Will tell hubby about Buffy, he loves a woman who can kick a little ass!

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